JavaScript Weekly
Issue 216 — January 23, 2015
An interesting thread on esdiscuss in which numerous well known JavaScript developers, including Brendan Eich, talk about ‘ECMAScript 2015’, the name for the spec formerly known as ES6. Brendan notes that ‘ES6 = ECMAScript 2015, ES7 = ECMAScript 2016, etc.’

An online programming game where you have to program an elevator system to transport people around a building. Be warned, this may steal an hour of your day - it did to me.
Magnus Wolffelt

Add Publish/Subscribe messaging to any JavaScript app in 5 simple steps. Get the Code.
PubNub   Sponsor

A look at the tools and processes involved in testing client-side JavaScript code. Covers things like Karma, DalekJS, PhantomJS, and Atomus.
Krasimir Tsonev

Nicolas Bevacqua cuts pretty deep into the internals of Angular’s scopes and how they work.
Smashing Magazine

A look at how Flux is different from MVC patterns, and how it can clean up web applications to make them faster and more maintainable with cleaner code.

Strings in JavaScript have been historically limited, lacking the capabilities one might expect coming from languages like Python or Ruby. ES6 Template Strings (available in Chrome 41+), fundamentally change that.
Addy Osmani


In Brief

Microsoft Debuts TypeScript 1.4 news
The latest version of Microsoft’s JavaScript alternative includes support for ES6.

JavaScript Errors and How to Fix Them tutorial
Jani Hartikainen

Understanding the Node.js Event Loop tutorial

Negating Predicate Functions in JavaScript tutorial
A Drip of JavaScript

JavaScript Debugging (Slightly) Beyond console.log tutorial
Swizec Teller

Auto-filling Forms with jQuery and the Web Storage API tutorial

Using Ember to Make the Seemingly Impossible Easy video
EmberConf 2014

A Look at the JavaScript Module Pattern video
Use the JavaScript Module pattern to define public/private methods and encapsulate functionality.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

Upgrading Express v3 to v4 video
A 30 minute screencast showing what it takes to get an Express v3-based app up to the latest and greatest v4.

ES6 JavaScript — The Less Weird Parts 
David Luecke

Js_of_ocaml: OCaml Bytecode to JavaScript Compiler tools

Node.js Application Deployment & Hosting Simplified tools
Modulus provides a portable, scalable and customizable Node.js hosting platform. Try it for free now.
Modulus  Sponsor

SheetKit: A Google Sheets-based Database for S3-based Sites tools
SheetKit is client-side JavaScript that does back-end work.

GhostRunner: A JavaScript Task Server tools
Install on a server and you get a web-based way to manage and run scripts on that server remotely.
Gareth Marland

Elasto: A Simple Library to Query ElasticSearch code node

Blockrain.js: A Tetris game in HTML5 + JavaScript code

marty.js: A JavaScript Library for State Management in React Apps code
James Hollingworth

Mingo: A JavaScript Implementation of the MongoDB Query Language code
Francis Asante

Gitlet: An Implemention of Git in JavaScript code
Mary Rose Cook

Tuxedo.js: A Framework Build on the React View Layer, Flux Architecture, and CommonJS Modules code

Sparrow: A Functional Testing Library Based On Jasmine and jQuery code
Scott Burch

canvg: JavaScript SVG Parser and Renderer (to HTML5 Canvas) code
Gabe Lerner

ES6 Equivalents in ES5 code
A work in progress by Addy Osmani
Addy Osmani

LibreBoard: An Open Source Trello Clone code
Written in Meteor.