JavaScript Weekly
Issue 217 — January 30, 2015
React.js Conf has been taking place this week and one of the biggest reveals was ‘React Native’, a technology for building native iOS and Android apps with React. There’s also a second keynote that takes a deeper dive.
React.js Conf 2015

A great grab bag of new features with examples of each. Working with strings has gotten a lot better in ES6.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Modulus is the best place to deploy and host your Node.js and MongoDB applications. It includes great features like auto-scaling, powerful statistics and more. Modulus provides a secure, full-featured and cost-effective PaaS anywhere you need it. Try it for free now!
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In a whirlwind screencast tour, John Lindquist demonstrates building a simple app in 7 minutes.

Rob left the Angular team to work on his own framework; Aurelia is the result. Highly modular, written in ES6, no external dependencies, and with long term support and stability as a goal.
Rob Eisenberg

“I’ll examine why many, if not most, enterprise JavaScript developers still need to care about ES3 and several strategies for developers who want to use ES5/ES6 features today”
Cody Lindley

ES6 solves the problems CoffeeScript was trying to, says Blake.
Blake Williams

A list of technologies, learning resources, libraries, packages and more, all related to getting going with the popular real-time framework.
Ben Strahan


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In Brief

lodash 3.0.0 (and 3.0.1) Released news
A popular JavaScript ‘utility’ library. There’s more info and examples on this blog post.

PhantomJS 2.0 Released news
The core implementation has been switched to the more modern Qt 5. CoffeeScript support has been removed.

React v0.13.0 Beta 1 Released news
A key change is you no longer need to use React.createClass to create React components and can instead use ES6 classes.
Sebastian Markbåge

The State of io.js news node
Mikeal Rogers

Creating Browser-Based Audio Applications Controlled by MIDI Hardware tutorial
Stéphane P. Péricat

Composing Synchronous and Asynchronous Functions in JavaScript tutorial
Erin Swenson-Healey

Writing AngularJS Apps Using ES6 tutorial

Destructuring and parameter handling in ECMAScript 6 tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

From Map/Reduce to JavaScript Functional Programming tutorial
Mozilla Hacks

Are you using protection? Make sure your code is 100% covered. tools
Software test coverage history and analysis, spot coverage gaps where bugs may be hiding. Always free for open-source projects.
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Hjson: The Human JSON tools
A JSON-esque configuration file format that caters to humans and helps reduce the errors they make.
Christian Zangl

Heroku: Deploy from git with one line, 150+ powerful add-ons tools
Deploy with git, store your data in JSONB with Postgres 9.4 and get insights with app metrics. Free Signup.
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AngularJS: One-Time vs Two-Way Data Binding opinion
Kody Peterson

Why I Ditched Angular for React opinion
Kumar Sanket

JavaScript and The Living ECMAScript Standard opinion
Andrea Giammarchi

require1k: A CommonJS Require/Module Loader for The Browser in 1KB code
Stuart Knightley

TheaterJS: A Typing Effect That Mimics Human Behavior code
Gabin Aureche

Salvattore: A jQuery Masonry Alternative with CSS-driven Configuration code
Rolando Murillo

texgen.js: A Procedural Texture Generator code

Passenger-docker: Easy Docker Containers for Your Node Web Apps code node