— The first ever React.js Conf appears to have been a success and you can enjoy 20 of the talks here in video form.
Smashing Magazine
— Zack Grossbart explains why he uses static analyzers to poke at his code and the sorts of errors they can dig up.
Dr.​ Axel Rauschmayer
— Axel is clearly on a roll in researching for his new ES6 book and here he shares a talk he gave at the Rolling Scopes Conference earlier this month. The audio are video are both clear too, yay!
Frontline Systems Inc.​
— Be the first to try the RASON™ beta – the super-easy way to solve powerful optimization and simulation models from your web or mobile app. Use a high-level modeling language embedded in JSON, and a simple REST API that’s free for small problems, but scalable to handle huge models.
npm Inc.​
— Use ‘jquery-plugin’ as a keyword in your package.json. Lin Clark has a tutorial about how to publish a jQuery plugin via npm.
— Support for asm.js has been one of the most requested items on the IE Suggestion Box and it’s now ‘in development’ within IE’s JavaScript engine on Windows 10.
Kyle Simpson
— 3 of the 6 titles are finished and you can read the drafts free online or buy final published versions.
O'Reilly Media
— O'Reilly's holding a free online event featuring Holly Schinsky talking about using the iOS8 WKWebView and TJ Van Toll talking about NativeScript, a new JavaScript-basd cross platform mobile app technology.
New Relic
— If you've built multiple responsive Web applications, have years of full-time JavaScript experience, and want to ship new features that will be used by the thousands of other developers who use our tools, apply to New Relic. We can help with relocation and are open to H1-B transfers.
— You'll create a profile over 1 week tech companies will apply to you! You'll get salary/equity offers upfront you're under no obligation to accept any offer. Interested? Join Hired today!
— Comfortable with client MVC frameworks and have a strong grasp of modern client toolsets? Come and help us craft new products and services for Skyscanner’s 200 million visitors a year.
— Slides outlining where the Node.js fork is headed.
— Paul Krill picks up on some comments Brendan Eich made at the Node Summit.
Dr.​ Axel Rauschmayer
— Charts break when data gets big? Compatibility issues? Time to try ZingChart! See it in action.
Oguz Bastemur
— Using the alternative JXcore implementation which embeds Firefox’s SpiderMonkey JS engine.
Red Gate Software
— Database source control is now standard. SQL Source Control is an easy way to start – it links your database to any source control system. Try it free
Mathias Bynens
— One of the most popular sessions at O’Reilly Fluent 2014 looked at how JavaScript’s handling of Unicode can produce unexpected results.
Jeremy Ashkenas
— There have been numerous changes, including breaking ones, such as renamed and removed methods.
Knock Me Out
— Automatically finds tests to execute and automatically mocks dependencies for you.