JavaScript Weekly
Issue 229 — April 24, 2015

A slightly smaller issue than usual as I've been in San Francisco running O'Reilly Fluent - the good news is two great talks are already available and linked below :-) Back to full steam next week.
- Peter Cooper

Brendan Eich’s keynote from this year’s Fluent conference dug into the growing compile-to-JavaScript ecosystem and Brendan pondered whether there’s anything JavaScript can’t do.

A both thoughtful and entertaining keynote from lexicographer and linguist Erin McKean on JavaScript’s relationship to natural languages.

Frontend Masters
Flux introduces a one-way data flow architecture that helps developers and teams reason about the way data moves through their applications.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

“If you don’t understand prototypes, you don’t understand JavaScript,” says Eric Elliott.
Eric Elliott

An interesting slide deck (make sure you navigate it properly - it’s two dimensional) that covers 13 ‘code smells’ with an example, rationale, and a resolution.
Elijah Manor

A JavaScript library for internationalization and localization that leverages the official Unicode CLDR JSON data.
Official jQuery Blog

This week's Node Weekly was packed with great stuff, so if you didn't know it existed or are now moving into working with Node or io.js, check it out - we put a lot of great Node stuff there instead of here now.
Node Weekly


In Brief

Let’s Code JavaScript Celebrates 300 Episodes; Goes Free This Weekend news
I don’t know the specifics but it sounds like a great opportunity if you have time this weekend.
Let's Code JavaScript

AngularJS 1.4 Completely Refactors Animation System news

JSChannel Conference 2015: Bengaluru, India - July 17-18 news
Doug Crockford and Yehuda Katz will be there

React Native v0.4 Released news
The first release of significance since it was open sourced.

The Basics of Variable Scope in JavaScript tutorial
Daniel Gheorghe

Patterns of JavaScript UI Widget Instantiation tutorial
Cody Lindley

Thinking Outside the DOM: Composed Validators and Data Collection tutorial

ES6 In Depth: An Introduction tutorial
A new series being started by Mozilla Hacks.
Mozilla Hacks

Anatomy of a JavaScript MV* Framework video
A look at how the key features of popular frameworks compare.
Craig McKeachie

Build with the best Redis support and analytics from RedisGreen tools
Production-ready Redis hosting starting at $14/month.
RedisGreen  Sponsor

Loupe: A Tool to Visualize How JS' Callback Queue and Event Loop Interact tools
Philip Roberts

Get Your Node.js Application Running in Minutes tools
Modulus is an easy to use Node.js hosting platform that lets you run your applications anywhere.
Modulus  Sponsor

A Curated List of Helpful Angular 2 Material and Links opinion
Tim Jacobi

Everyone Has JavaScript, Right? opinion

What Every Angular Project Likely Needs - and A Gulp Build to Provide It opinion
Aleksey Novik

egg.js: A Simple Way to Add 'Easter Eggs' to Web Pages code
Watches for certain keystroke sequences.
Mike Flynn

ItemSlide: A Simple Touch Carousel jQuery Plugin code

DefiantJS: Lightning-Fast Searches On JSON using XPath Expressions code

NoSleep.js: Prevent Display Sleep and Enable Wake Lock On Android and iOS code
Rich Tibbett

angular-table: Angular Directive for Sortable, Paginated Tables code
Samuel Mueller