JavaScript Weekly
Issue 230 — May 1, 2015

We're planning a bigger feature on this soon, but it was 20 years ago this month that Brendan Eich created JavaScript (then codenamed Mocha) in just 10 days, leading to its eventual release as LiveScript in Netscape Navigator 2.0. Congratulations go not just to Brendan but the entire JavaScript scene and all it has produced over 20 amazing years for the Web and its role in our daily lives.
- Peter Cooper

ES6’s for (.. of ..) loop finally resolves some of the quirks with the alternatives when it comes to iterating over array elements.
Mozilla Hacks

A nuts and bolts introduction to getting up and running with a basic electronics experiment on the Spark platform along with Node.
Sayanee Basu

An interesting 9 minute interview with an expert JavaScript trainer.

With new tools like Angular.js it's easy to build Single-Page Applications backed by APIs. Learn about all the major browser security issues and how you can mitigate the risks in this May 14th webinar. Sign up now.
Stormpath   Sponsor

A new router for Angular 2 is currently being built, but it will also be back-ported to Angular 1.4, so it’s worth checking out.

Vorlon.js helps you remotely load, inspect, test and debug JavaScript code running on any device with a browser. There’s also an article about why MS created it.

Another week, another framework, but this one looks pretty good and boasts of being incredibly modular and faster than React and Angular too.


In Brief

jQuery 1.11.3 and 2.1.4 Released news
Billed as the ‘iOS Fail-Safe Editions’ due to solely fixing a rare iOS 8.2 and 8.3 bug.
jQuery Foundation

LatamJS: A Community for JavaScripters en Latinoamérica news

MediterráneaJS: A Two Day JavaScript Conference in Barcelona (June 22-23) news

An Introduction to JavaScript-Based DDoS tutorial

Want to Know How ES6 Generators Work? Take A Look A The Transpiled Code tutorial
Josh Johnston

Enhance Your JavaScript Debugging with Cross-Browser Source Maps tutorial
David Rousset

Building a Modular Security Camera with Embedded JS on the Tessel  tutorial
Graham Jenson

Building a Static Site Generator Grunt Plugin tutorial
Matthew Daly

Effective Dependency Management in JavaScript video
A quick 5 minute Ignite talk.
Hector Virgen

A Complete Overview of Ember.js and Its Surrounding Technologies video
Ember Screencasts

Jiphy: A Python to JavaScript 2-Way Converter tools
Timothy Edmund Crosley

Find Bugs Before Your Users Do - A Few Lines of Code is All it Takes tools
Real-time error tracking for JavaScript and Node that you can set up in minutes.
Raygun  Sponsor

Visual Studio Code: A New Cross Platform Code Editor from MS tools

SQL Source Control: track each change to your SQL Server database tools
Get a full history in your source control system. See who made changes, what they did why. See how.
Red Gate Software  Sponsor

Ember.js: The Ever Evolving Rock opinion
Kory Tegman

React Native: For When the Mobile Web Isn't Enough opinion
Red Badger

jQuery Considered Harmful opinion
Lea Verou