JavaScript Weekly
Issue 232 — May 15, 2015
An intermediate level JavaScript primer that aims to ‘re-introduce’ the language to you to clear up any confusion or out of date assumptions.
Mozilla Developer Network

Alex Eagle (of the Angular team) presents a 10 minute overview of building a simple Angular 2 app from scratch using TypeScript and the new Visual Studio Code code editor.

The results of a series of tests made by SEO experts into how Googlebot parses, runs, and takes JavaScript into account when crawling sites.
Search Engine Land

Frontend Masters
Learn how you can use just one framework to build an entire real-time reactive web application. Join us online or in-person May 28th 29th.
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The io.js Technical Committee has voted to join with the Node Foundation with a reunion between the codebases expected in due course.

With the advances in JavaScript processing by Googlebot, client-side capabilities, and the ever present demand for performance, is it time to double down on single page JavaScript-driven apps?
Ben and Dion

Reflections on the 20th anniversary of his initial work.
Brendan Eich

A look at the transition plan for people with Ember 1.12 and 1.12 apps.
Yehuda Katz


In Brief

Backbone 1.2.0 Released news

Ember.js 1.12 and 1.13 Beta Released news

Polymer 0.9 Released news

How to Use Vorlon.js to Debug Your JavaScript Remotely tutorial
David Catuhe

Creating Your First Angular 2 App with Multiple Pages, Components & More tutorial
Martin Gontovnikas

Going Native with React, An Introduction tutorial
A practical, code-heavy React Native tutorial.
Ryan Clark

Why You Need a JavaScript Project Checklist tutorial opinion
Plus how to create one of your own.

Replacing jQuery with D3 tutorial code
Christopher Möller

Unit Testing A React Component using Jasmine and Webpack video
Simon Bailey

JavaScript Loop Optimization video
Tom McFarlin

How Do You Judge A JavaScript Programmer by Only 5 Questions? opinion
Mattias Petter Johansson

A Comparison of JavaScript HTTP Libraries for the Browser opinion

JavaScript: The Extra Good Parts opinion
Language enhancements worth using.
Wix Engineering

Front-End Logging Made Easy: Use This JavaScript Logger tools

Build with the best Redis support and analytics from RedisGreen tools
Production-ready Redis hosting starting at $14/month.
RedisGreen  Sponsor

Tabris.js: Mobile App Development in JavaScript tools

Babel Macros: Hygienic, Non-Syntactic JS Macros via Babel Plugin tools

How to find and fix the slowest code in your .NET application tools
Find bottlenecks in your code or database boost performance with new ANTS Performance Profiler 9. Try free.
Red Gate Software  Sponsor

PyPy.js: An Experimental Python Environment for The Web tools

29 jQuery Plugins for Building Guided Site Tours tools

ngPromiseStatus: Angular.js Promise-Aware UI Elements code
Barak Chamo

watermark.js: Watermarks Images in The Browser code
Dynamically watermark images with text or other images in a variety of ways.
Brian Scaturro

ReadRemaining.js: Tell Readers How Long Needed to Read Your Text code

'Prelaunch Sign Up' App, built with Angular, Mongo and Mailgun code node
Eddy Hernandez

fakeIndexedDB: A Pure JS In-Memory Implementation of IndexedDB code
Passes the W3C IndexedDB test suite, and can even run server-side with Node.
Jeremy Scheff