JavaScript Weekly
Issue 233 — May 22, 2015
Promises are awesome, but Nolan Lawson has noticed that ‘many of us are using promises without really understanding them.’ He clears up a lot of misconceptions in this example-rich post.
Nolan Lawson

A look at why Bocoup chose Backbone for their client-side dev workshop. In short, Backbone is compact, popular, mature, and still a great choice.
Mike Pennisi

At the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2015, Christian Heilmann demonstrated the pros and cons of the latest JavaScript features along with workarounds to keep things working.
Christian Heilmann

DigitalOcean provides simple cloud infrastructure that’s built for developers. You can deploy an SSD cloud server in under a minute and run it for as little as $5/mo (512MB RAM, 20GB SSD, 1CPU, 1TB transfer). Use promo code DO10 for $10 credit.
DigitalOcean   Sponsor

‘JSX is like a healthy vegetable that tastes like decadent chocolate cake,’ starts Eric Elliott on React’s inline HTML markup format.
Eric Elliott

Edge, Microsoft’s IE replacement on Windows 10, is setting new records in the JavaScript speed wars. Chakra’s PM Lead, Gaurav Seth, explains.

Quick examples of jQuery-free alternatives to common JavaScript tasks from selecting elements and handling events to Ajax and animation.

Some discussion over the potential for the popular Underscore and Lodash libraries to merge.
Jeremy Ashkenas


In Brief

Node.js and io.js Leaders Building An Open, Neutral Node.js Foundation news
Node.js Blog

Fluent Conference 2015: Recapping the Focus on Performance news
Looking to boost performance in your web and mobile apps? This blog combines the top talks from Fluent on the subject and a datagrid performance benchmark sample from Wijmo.
Wijmo  Sponsor

EmberWeekend: A Podcast All About Ember news podcast
The latest episode is about how Heroku uses Ember for their dashboard app.

Meteor Raises $20M To Build The One JavaScript Stack To Rule Them All news

ES6 In Depth: Generators tutorial
Mozilla Hacks

Getting Started with TypeScript tutorial
A good, short but very entry level tutorial.
Andrew Chalkley

Easily Testing React Components with react-test-tree tutorial
James Hollingworth

Using Chakra for Scripting Applications across Windows 10 tutorial

Moving from CoffeeScript to ES6 tutorial
Daniel Taylor

d-Threeact: How the Sift Science Console Team Made d3 and React the Best of Friends tutorial
Sift Science Blog

Setting State in React video
A short video demoing setting state in React -- part of the new course with Ryan Florence.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

The Future of Node.js with Scott Hammond, CEO of Joyent podcast
The Changelog

Two Weeks with React and Meteor video
Max Harris

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love React opinion
Guilherme Rodrigues

The JavaScript-Dependency Backlash: Myth-Busting Progressive Enhancement opinion

JavaScript Graphing Library Comparison tools
A great interactive visual comparison of what 31 (so far) different graphing libraries are capable of.

Famous Engine: A High-Perf JS Library for Animations and Interfaces code
Famous has been around a while but it has a new homepage with live demos.

Express Happiness: An Express Wrapper Framework code node
Andreas Trantidis

Johnny Five (JavaScript Robotics) and Intel IoTDevKit Example Sketches code node
Rick Waldron

viewport.js: Reflect Scroll Position on a Navigation Menu code

Clusterize.js: Tiny Vanilla JS Plugin to Display Large Data Sets Easily code