JavaScript Weekly
Issue 236 — June 12, 2015
The final review of the ES6 spec is occurring this month, but if you’re not yet playing with ES6, how best to get started? Cody shares his 6 part approach for learning ES6 and beyond.
Cody Lindley

Calling the native array sort function on a large data set with a complex expression can slow things down. Jimmy Breck-McKye looked into creating a more asynchronous solution.
Jimmy Breck-McKye

Use ES6 classes and ES6+ decorators with Angular 1 instead of modules. Check out the examples if you want to be convinced.

Want to integrate email into your application with a click of a button? Mailgun integrates nicely with Zapier. You don't have to setup any code to hook Mailgun up with over 400 apps including Wufoo, Firebase, Slack and Hipchat to name a few. Click here to learn more.
Mailgun   Sponsor

Mozilla Hacks continues its ES6 series with a look at symbols, a new type of value in JavaScript.
Mozilla Hacks

WinJS is open source and assists in building Windows Store apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while also using Windows UI controls. Version 4.0 has just been released in anticipation of Windows 10.

Jay Raj explores building a native, multi-platform mobile app using JavaScript with the NativeScript framework.

Why does it matter if your React app’s markup can be rendered on both the client and the server and how can you do it?

“Ramda argues that lodash and underscore put the data in the wrong place: at the first parameter of the function, while it should be at the last position. They’re both (subjectively) wrong: the natural place for data in JS is the ‘this’ parameter.”
Jussi Kalliokoski


In Brief

xkcd on JavaScript news
The popular webcomic takes a humorous sideswipe at JS.

New io.js Features You May Not Be Using news node

Online Workshop: Building Modern, Single-Page Web Applications course
Build a clean, well-structured web app from scratch by combining best-of breed approaches and a carefully curated set of tools including: Ampersand, React, WebPack, ES6 and Node.js.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

ES6 In Depth: Arrow functions tutorial
Mozilla Hacks

Setting up an ES6 Project Using Babel and Browserify tutorial
Ritesh Kumar

A Walkthrough of LoopBack, a Powerful Node API Framework tutorial
Jovan Jovanovic

Build an AngularJS App with Stamplay: The IFTTT for Developers tutorial
Stamplay describes itself “as if IFTTT and Heroku had a child.”
Chris Sevilleja

Importing CSS Breakpoints Into JavaScript tutorial

Ember.js: 8 Most Common Mistakes tutorial
Balint Erdi

Why Will Angular 2 Rock? opinion
Angular 2 will be a radical change but Jesus Rodriguez discusses the things he believes will make it worthwhile.
Angular Tips

Why Destructuring is a Terrible Idea in ES6 opinion
Thomas R Alexander

How I Survived My Baptism of Fire with Node.js opinion
A developer shares experiences of jumping into a fast-paced Node, Seneca and Angular-based project for a client.
David Cahill

An Overview of JavaScript Reactive Frameworks opinion
Quick summaries of Omniscient, Ractive, Mercury, Cycle, WebRx, and Deku.
Echo One

JSXHint: An Online ReactJS/JSX Code Quality Tool/Linter tools
Based upon JSHint.

Introducing SimpleMaps: Create Beautiful Interactive HTML5 Maps code
Responsive, zoomable, SVG maps of the world, USA and more. Easy to customize and install.
SimpleMaps  Sponsor

PhotoSwipe: A Responsive JavaScript Image Gallery code
No dependencies. Great documentation. Nice demo.
Dmitry Semenov

regexp-escape: Escape Strings for Use Within A Regular Expression code
RegExp.escape returns a string with escaped regular expression characters for use within a regular expression.
Jonathan Neal

Inkjet: JPEG Decoding, Encoding and EXIF Reading Library for the Browser and Node code
Grigoriy Chudnov

google-map-react: Isomorphic Google Map React Component code
Ivan Starkov

lightgl.js: A Lightweight WebGL Library code
Designed for quick prototyping of WebGL apps, while being lower level than most other WebGL libraries.
Evan Wallace

Boron: A Collection of Dialog Animations with React.js code

vibrant.js: Extract Prominent Colors From An Image code
Jari Zwarts