JavaScript Weekly
Issue 235 — June 5, 2015
A great 30 minute talk by Elijah Manor showing off a variety of code smells (a symptom in source code of other underlying problems) and possible resolutions for them.
Elijah Manor

Short, useful functions aimed at front-end developers to do things like match a selector, get an absolute URL, or prevent a callback from being called multiple times within a certain timeframe.
David Walsh

ES6 lets us use three different explicit variable declaration techniques: var, let and const. Reg digs into their use and sees when they can replace one another.
Reg Braithwaite

Red Gate Software
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Babel mostly transpiles ES6 code into ES5 code that can run in today’s browsers, but also performs other optimizations. This post includes a compelling example of why it’s such a big deal.
Charles Pick

Jack sees pre-compilation becoming the default, the rise of libraries over frameworks, the popularity of ES7, and more.
Jack Franklin

Enabled in the latest Chrome, the Web MIDI API is here to play with. Here’s a quick look at how to do that from JavaScript.
Keith McMillen Instruments

A chat about Visual Studio’s recently improved Node.js support followed by a practical dive into creating a deploying an Express app using VS. (40 minutes.)
Channel 9


In Brief

JSON API 1.0 Declared Stable news
A specification for APIs that use JSON.
Dan Gebhardt

Power Surge: An HTML5 Game Optimization Challenge from Firefox news
Mozilla Hacks

ES6 In Depth: Destructuring tutorial
Mozilla Hacks

Easy AngularJS Forms with angular-formly tutorial
Ryan Chenkie

ES7 Function Bind Syntax tutorial
Jeremy Fairbank

Using Polymer WebComponents with Angular.js tutorial
Josh Crowther

Detecting Unminifiable Angular Code tutorial
Marius Schulz

Introduction to ES6 Promises: 4 Functions You Need To Avoid Callback Hell tutorial
James K Nelson

An Introduction to Ember.js video
A complete 90 minute live coding exercise.
Jamie White

Setting State in React video
A short video demoing setting state in React -- part of the new course with Ryan Florence.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

Is ReactJS Really Fast? opinion
Boris Dinkevich

WatchBench: Build Apple Watch Apps in JavaScript tools
Seemingly a US only iOS app for now.
Alpha Software

Know JavaScript? Build Mobile Apps Using Your Web Skills. tools
AppBuilder combines the tools you need to build, test deploy mobile apps to iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Telerik  Sponsor

J2C: JavaScript to CSS Compiler tools code
A CSS preprocessor based around JavaScript objects; provides a subset of Sass.
Pierre-Yves Gérardy

15 Directives to Extend Your Angular.js Apps tools

JSpreadsheets: A Listing of 31 Open-Source JS Spreadsheets and Data Grids tools

Knwl.js: A JavaScript Natural Language Parser code
Parse text for dates, times, places, phone numbers, and more.

Vectorious: Generalized n-Dimensional Matrix & Vector Library code tutorial
Mateo Gianolio

pdfmake: Client/Server Side PDF Generation/Printing in Pure JS code
Based on PDFKit.
Bartek Pampuch

SlackBots.js: A Node Library for Running a Slack Bot code node
Mikhail Mokrushin

Hammer.JS: Add Touch Gestures to Your Pages code
Has no dependencies and can recognize gestures made by touch, mouse and pointerEvents.
Eight Media

irecord: An Immutable Store That Exposes An RxJS Observable code
A Backbone model with a twist: an immutable object map that exposes an RxJS observable. Good for React.
Eric Elliott

EON: Open Source JavaScript Framework for Realtime Dashboards/Maps code

console.message: Console Messages for 'Cool Kids' code
Essentially a bunch of extensions to ‘console’ to print more elaborate messages.
Antonio Stoilkov