JavaScript Weekly
Issue 241 — July 17, 2015
A GitHub-hosted online book about functional programming and related concepts in general, but leaning on JavaScript to make all of its points. One for the weekend.
Brian Lonsdorf

If you want to upgrade, it’s time to test. 3.0 introduces many changes, particularly in how show() and hide() work. Animations now use requestAnimationFrame, error cases no longer silently fail, jQuery.Deferred is now Promises/A+ compatible, and more.
Official jQuery Blog
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Google has released Polymer 1.0 but it’s incompatible with 0.5, so if you want to upgrade an existing app, you need to take care.

It’s renderer agnostic with the same API able to draw against multiple contexts: SVG, Canvas or WebGL.

A quick tour through the world of for-of vs for-in, laziness, infinite iteration, and generators.
Alex Gorbatchev


  • Traction Software Engineer, Pixar Animation Studio (Emeryville, CA)Pixar Animation Studio’s Production Software team is looking for an experienced (3+ years) front-end Web developer open to working on the back-end too. Bring your JavaScript experiences to movie-making! Pixar
  • N4JS Software Engineer Hybrid Apps at NumberFour (Berlin, Germany)Challenge yourself. Use our statically-typed JavaScript dialect along with your web skills to help build a large-scale application platform. Come join our international team in Berlin. NumberFour AG
  • Senior Frontend DeveloperHi, we are, the world’s largest community for fans to talk about pop culture. We are looking for a nice person who happens to be a Frontend Dev and enjoys building things using tools like React Node.

In Brief

Getting Started With Vue.js tutorial
Vue is a MVVM library that’s somewhat simpler than Angular.
Ashraff Hathibelagal

How to Create and Publish Your First Node.js Module tutorial
If you haven’t quite got there yet, this is a thorough walkthrough.

How to Debug JavaScript Remotely With Vorlon.js tutorial
David Cathue

How to Create Form-Based Directives in AngularJS tutorial
Chad Smith

Make a Game API Server Using Node.js and Couchbase tutorial node
Nic Raboy

Creating a Book Club App With AngularJS, Stripe and Stamplay tutorial
Brad Barrow

Build Real-Time Node.js Apps with Angular LiveSet and LoopBack tutorial node
LiveSet is an Angular module that makes it easy to build real time applications.

jQuery UI Events Cheatsheet 
Ire Aderinokun

Why I Use Tape Instead of Mocha and So Should You opinion
Eric Elliott

Overcoming JavaScript Framework Fatigue opinion
Tero Parviainen

React UI Builder: A Visual Builder for React JS Components tools code
Alexander ipselon

JavaScript Error Monitoring; with the context to fix real bugs. tools
Understand the state of the application, network requests, and user actions that led to an error.
TrackJS  Sponsor

React Sparklines: A Sparklines Component for React code
Boris Yankov

Belle: A Set of Configurable React Components with Great UX code
Nik Graf

LambdAuth: A Sample Auth Service Implemented with A Server-Less Architecture code
A prototype that uses AWS Lambda to host and execute code and Amazon DynamoDB as persistent storage.
Danilo Poccia

decorator-wrap: A ES6 Decorator for Wrapping Classes or Methods with Custom Code code
Christian Martin

HTML to Markdown JavaScript Library, for Node and the Browser code
Net Gusto

router5: A Framework Agnostic Router for HTML5-Supporting Browsers code
Thomas Roch

Stateless.js: Simple Cross-Browser Context Persistence Library code
Eeo Jun

SQL Source Control: track each change to your SQL Server database tools
Get a full history in your source control system. See who made changes, what they did why. See how
Red Gate Software  Sponsor