JavaScript Weekly
Issue 242 — July 24, 2015
CommonJS modules export values, while ES6 modules export immutable bindings. This post from Dr. Axel explains what that means.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

TypeScript 1.5 adds a number of new ES6 features like modules, destructuring, spread, for..of, symbols, computed properties, and let/const.
MSDN Blogs

A quick introduction to graph theory and how to use it to use user behavior to drive recommendations on a site.
Keith Horwood

We're so confident that Hack Reactor Remote Beta students will see success after graduating our program that we let them structure tuition payments to begin after getting a job. Apply today to start our renowned coding school for as little as $2,780.
Hackreactor   Sponsor

An introduction to some techniques for creating modular JavaScript plugins, as well as concepts you can use to create more robust large React apps.
Evan Morikawa and Ben Gotow

A look at ES6’s syntactic and idiomatic cleanups for an old problem: object constructor creation in JavaScript.
Mozilla Hacks

Open-source music notation renderer supporting HTML5 Canvas and SVG.

An online book using four 'tales' to demonstrate practical approaches to refactoring and improving code.
Jack Franklin

It deals with time series, scatter plots, log plots, bubble charts, and more. Basic charts are free to use, more advanced features cost money, alas.


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In Brief

Phaser 2.4 Released: The Popular HTML5 and JS Gamedev Framework news

The Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishes 'Web Development Recipes 2nd Edition' news
The Pragmatic Bookshelf

ES6 In Depth: Proxies 
An in-depth and practical look at a mechanism in ES6 for intercepting access to an object and its properties.
Mozilla Hacks

Creating An Isomorphic Blogging App Using React and Flux tutorial
Sandeep Panda

Backbone.js Basics: Models, Views, Collections and Templates tutorial
Nick Salloum

Currying in JavaScript tutorial
Kevin Ennis

Declarative Data Fetching in React Components with Baobab tutorial
Denis Koltsov

The 5 ES7 Decorators I Want to Use Now opinion
Zack Argyle

Speeding Up Our JavaScript Test Time 1000x opinion
Shyp Engineering

Stop Classifying JavaScript opinion
Peter Jaszkowiak

Build Secure User Interfaces with JWTs tools
Protect yourself before you wreck yourself. Thwart web vulnerabilities like XSS, MitM attacks, CSRF more!
Stormpath  Sponsor

IronNode: Node.js Debugging with Chrome's DevTools tools node
Brings the power of JavaScript debugging within Chrome’s Developer Tools out to Node.
Stephan Ahlf

Write in JavaScript, Run Native on Any Device tools
Build great, native mobile apps—all from a single JavaScript code base. Get started for free.
Appcelerator Platform  Sponsor

Show Me The React: Browser Extension Highlights a Page's React Components tools
For both Chrome and Firefox.
Cymen Vig

bonsai-c: C to Asm.js Compilation for Humans tools code
Unlike Emscripten, bonsai-c is not aimed at porting C code to JavaScript but to let existing JavaScript developers drop to C for ‘heavy lifting.’
Matt Westcott

selectivity.js: Modular Select Dropdown Library for jQuery and Zepto code
Arend van Beelen jr.

ClickSpark.js: Add Particle Effects to Your JavaScript Events code
Looks a bit gimmicky but works well.

Mind: Flexible Neural Network Library code
Easily create networks that can be trained to make predictions.
Steven Miller

html5tooltips.js: Light and Clean Tooltips using CSS3 Animation code
Yevhen Tiurin

IoT.js: A Platform for the Internet of Things with JavaScript from Samsung code node

stream-http: Implementation of Node's Native 'http' Module for the Browser code
John Hiesey