JavaScript Weekly
Issue 253 — October 9, 2015
Eric is one of the most genuine folks I know in our scene and there are a lot of good insights here for both employees and candidates alike.
Eric Elliott

Expands form input 'select' boxes into a horizontal range of selections plus an overflow, making many options be selectable in one click.

Well written thoughts on the benefits and practicality of immutability and things to consider when leaning on it in JavaScript.
James Long

Send email in your language of choice like Java using SMTP or Mailgun's RESTful API. The first 10,000 emails are free. Read our documentation and start testing now.
Mailgun   Sponsor

They’ve split the main package into two: react and react-dom, paving the way to writing components that can be shared between the web version of React and React Native. Has a few breaking changes, but if your code ran warning-free in 0.13 you’re mostly good.

A complete step by step walkthrough of building a simple desktop app using GitHub’s Electron project.
Jasim Muhammed

See how the Fetch API can be used in conjunction with generators to build asynchronous APIs.

Microsoft’s Dave Voyles looks at the process behind using Emscripten to compile a C/C++ program to JavaScript on Windows.
Dave Voyles

Elixir is a Ruby-inspired language that works on the Erlang VM. This project currently converts a subset of Elixir code to JavaScript.
Bryan Joseph


  • JavaScript Developers (San Francisco)Jut is building a platform that provides coders with programmable views of their streaming data. Our interactive data environment is built fully in JavasScript. If you like pushing the limits with super bright teams, take a look at Jut. Early stage, Accel backed and big equity.
  • Senior JavaScript EngineerWe're looking for a Senior JavaScript Engineer to help us evolve both our consumer and resort-facing desktop and mobile products. If you have deep experience with CSS, JS, and building front-end web applications, come join us! (A passion for skiing or snowboarding is just a plus). Liftopia
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In Brief

Ember.js 2.1 and 2.2 Beta Released news
A minor version release of Ember with additive features only.

OSCON for €99.00 news
OSCON is happening in just a few weeks on 26–28 October in Amsterdam. If you thought you couldn’t go, think again. We now have the OSCON Pavilion Plus Pass. Not only do you get to choose two sessions to attend, you also get access to all of this.
O'Reilly  Sponsor

A Free JavaScript Meetup in Delhi, India news

Enumerability in ECMAScript 6 tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Using CMD+Enter To Submit A Form In Angular.js tutorial
Ben Nadel

How To Write a Pac-Man Game in JavaScript tutorial
Dates from 2004, but well written and an interesting look back at where we were.
N. Landsteiner

Lose the jQuery Bloat ­— DOM Manipulation with NodeList.js tutorial
Edwin Reynoso

Intercepting Method Calls via ES6 Proxies tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Prepare for Angular 2: In-depth look at Angular 2 Style Components with Angular 1 
As a follow-up to our last blog post in this series, we show you how to structure new or existing applications with different component types, namely Dumb and Smart components, so they’re not obsolete with the transition to Angular 2.  Sponsor

Async/Await: The Hero JavaScript Deserved tutorial
Eddie Zaneski

Go Faster with Angular video
10 minute lightning talk from someone leading a 15 strong team using Angular.
Ben Godfrey

Node.js and ES6 Instead of Java – A War Story opinion node
eBay Dev Blog

3 JavaScript ORMs You Might Not Know tools node

react-date-range: React Component for Choosing Dates and Date Ranges code

[be]lazy.js: A Lazy Loading and Multi-Serving Image Script 

Mercer: 3D Data Visualization Library using Three.js code

Chunkify: A Functional API to Unblock Your JavaScript code
Helps you prevent long-running scripts from blocking the thread. Has a live demo.
Victor Alvarez

jsGrid v1.2.0: A Lightweight Data Grid jQuery Plugin code
Artem Tabalin

StickyStack.js: jQuery Plugin that Sticks/Stacks Panels As They Scroll By code
mike zarandona