JavaScript Weekly
Issue 254 — October 16, 2015
Works out where the details of an image are so the desired crop focuses on the subject. Try a live test with your own images!
Jonas Wagner

While Nicolas’ ES6 in Depth series plumbed the depths of ES6, if you want all the key points laid out in brief in one place, this is a great list.
Nicolas Bevacqua

Want to write a module so it can be used out of the box in Node and client-side through tools like Webpack or Browserify? Jack shares an approach.
Jack Franklin

OSCON is happening in just a few weeks on 26–28 October in Amsterdam. If you thought you couldn’t go, think again. We now have the OSCON Pavilion Plus Pass. Not only do you get to choose two sessions to attend, you also get access to all of this.
O'Reilly   Sponsor

A walkthrough that goes into a ton of detail of getting up and running with Ember and creating a simple app.
James Futhey

Googlebot is now so smart that their AJAX Crawling advice is deprecated.
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

“WebAssembly aims to be the bytecode for the web.” If you’ve heard about it but are unsure on the broad concepts involved, this is a good primer.
Sebastián Peyrott

At Strange Loop, Raquel Vélez looked at why JavaScript is an ideal language for starting to play with robotics projects.

4.2.0 is the first release with Long Term Support (LTS) meaning support and updates will continue for at least 30 months. Node 4.2.1 followed a day later.
Node.js Foundation

The art of using new ES6 features, higher order functions and lazy evaluation to write better JavaScript.
Mudit Ameta


In Brief

A Mega AMA with Mike Bostock, creator of D3.js news
One of Reddit’s famed ‘ask me anything’ sessions, yielding over 400 comments.

Microsoft Enables Async/Await in Edge Preview Build news

ES6 Support in WebKit news
Safari 9 on El Capitan and iOS9 is introducing ES6 classes, promises, maps, sets, symbols, and other more.

An Introduction to JavaScript Iterators and Generators tutorial
R. Mark Volkmann

Building an Image Gallery Component with Polymer tutorial

Crash Course to Angular tutorial
Jump right in and build your first Angular web app today.
Outlearn  Sponsor

How to Build a tvOS Application for Apple TV Tutorial tutorial
Using JavaScript and Apple’s special TVML markup language.
Jose Santiago Casanova

Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript tutorial
Old, but doing the rounds again and still good.
Addy Osmani

Node.js Security Checklist tutorial node
Gergely Nemeth

React+Flux Can Do in Just 137 Lines What jQuery Can Do in 10 opinion
This is definitely a conversation starter..
Swizec Teller

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Defends ES6 Classes opinion
“ES6 classes are not the most elegant choice, but the most pragmatic one.”
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Developing Large-Scale Applications with TypeScript opinion
Gil Amran

The Future of Web Development with Falcor, React, and ES6 opinion
Ray Nicholus

The State of Tooling in JavaScript opinion tools
Jack Franklin

Fayde: Silverlight Everywhere, but via JS and HTML5 tools
A XAML engine using JavaScript and rendering to the HTML5 Canvas.
Brad Sickles

Try RASON® – RESTful Analytic Solver® Object Notation for JavaScript tools
RASON® is the super-easy way to solve powerful optimization and simulation models in your web or mobile app. Use a high-level modeling language embedded in JSON, and a simple, Azure-backed REST API that’s free for small problems, but scalable to handle huge models.
Frontline Systems Inc  Sponsor

Mancy: A Cross Platform JavaScript REPL built on Electron and React tools

Rune.js: SVG-based JavaScript Drawing Library code
Packed with features. For both browser or under Node.js.
Rune Madsen

LJSON: JSON Extended with Pure Functions code