JavaScript Weekly
Issue 264 — January 1, 2016

A special issue looking back at the best of 2015.

I hope you've been having a great holiday season. It's always slow for news at this time of year, so we're dedicating this issue to looking back at the biggest and most popular items from the past year :-) Happy New Year!

Peter Cooper,

P.S. We also have Node Weekly if you want to keep up to date with more Node-specific stuff as well.

This was by far the most popular item of the year and includes great insights for both employers and job seekers.
Eric Elliott

Zack Grossbart explained why he uses static analyzers to poke at his code and the sorts of errors they can dig up.
Smashing Magazine

Frontend Masters
Which courses on front-end, Node.js and related topics would you like to see? Vote on the topics most important to you.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

An intermediate level JavaScript primer aimed at ‘re-introducing’ the language to you to clear up any confusion or out of date assumptions.
Mozilla Developer Network

Eric Elliott showed off some of the greatest developer tools and why experienced developers use them.
Eric Elliott

Promises are awesome, but Nolan Lawson noticed that ‘many of us are using promises without really understanding them.’ He cleared up many misconceptions in an example-rich post.
Nolan Lawson

A graph that shows off JavaScript’s syntax, identifiers, operators, and more in a single image. There's also a PDF you could print out.

Areas in which a modern JS-based front-end developer should be skilled.
Rebecca Murphey

‘A very exclusive collection of only must-have JavaScript links’ You’ll find something worthwhile in here.
Eric Elliott


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In Brief

You Know How to Code, but How Are Your Design Skills? course
Learn UI & UX design through part-time, online courses with 1-on-1 mentorship from expert designers.
Designlab  Sponsor

Getting Started with ECMAScript 6 tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

7 Essential JavaScript Functions tutorial
David Walsh

The Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming tutorial
Brian Lonsdorf

ES6 Katas: Learn ECMAScript 6 by Doing It tutorial

Lodash: 10 JS Utility Functions That You Should Probably Stop Rewriting tutorial
Colin Toh

Eliminate JavaScript Code Smells (slidedeck) tutorial
Or watch the video here.
Elijah Manor

Six Steps for Approaching the Next JavaScript tutorial
Cody Lindley

Embracing Promises in JavaScript tutorial
Jack Franklin

10 Questions I’ve Been Asked Over 6 Technical JavaScript Job Interviews opinion

Common Misconceptions About Inheritance in JavaScript opinion
Eric Elliott

The Problem with Angular opinion
Peter-Paul Koch

What Are The Best JavaScript IDEs? tools opinion

memory-stats.js: Minimal Monitor for JS Heap Size via performance.memory tools
Paul Irish

Airbnb's ES6 Style Guide tools

Try RASON® – RESTful Analytic Solver® Object Notation for JavaScript tools
RASON® is the easy way to solve powerful optimization and simulation models in your web or mobile app. Use a high-level modeling language embedded in JSON, and an Azure-backed REST API that’s free for small problems, but scalable to handle huge models.
Frontline Systems Inc  Sponsor

NativeScript 1.0.0 Released tools
An open source, cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) ‘truly native’ mobile app creation framework.
Telerik Developer Network

The Original jQuery Source Code, Annotated by John Resig code

Split.js: A Library to Create Adjustable Split Views / Panes code
Nathan Cahill

React Canvas: High Performance Canvas Rendering for React Components code

SystemJS: A Universal Dynamic Module Loader code

Burger: A Minimal Hamburger Menu with Fullscreen Navigation code
Matthew Blode

Labella.js: For Non-Overlapping Labels Along Lines code

Trix: A WYSIWYG Text Editor for Everyday Web Writing code

rmodal.js: A Simple Modal Dialog with No External Dependenices code
Iskren Slavov

highlight.js: Syntax Highlighting for the Web code

An ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points 
Nicolas Bevacqua