JavaScript Weekly
Issue 265 — January 8, 2016
Eric Elliott kicks off a new series of posts digging into common job interview questions. On the question of closures, he notes: “If you can’t answer this question, you’re a junior developer.”
Eric Elliott

It focuses on setting up an ECMAScript 6 based development environment using Babel and is free to read online.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

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ES6 proxies sit between your code and the objects being manipulated. They can do things like intercept calls to inspect or change an object’s property.
Craig Buckler

JavaScript on the mobile web has a bad rap for low performance, but Henrik argues that by using new techniques like Virtual DOM and Web Workers, we can have blazing fast apps on mobile too.
Henrik Joreteg

A look at an approach for ‘instant’ Web applications that are restored from a Service Worker-based cache.
Dr. Gleb Bahmutov

Wireframe basic React components and download a skeleton project for Express or Hapi in one click.
Evil Corp

A quick look at how the bundling of modules is affected by two future developments: HTTP/2 and native modules.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

A step by step walkthrough of hunting down a memory leak in a Node program. Includes a sample app, and the techniques you’ll need.
Alex Kras


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In Brief

Start Your Own JavaScript Library using Webpack and ES6 tutorial
Krasimir Tsonev

How to Build a Web App with Backbone.js and tutorial
Igor Ribeiro Lima

How to Deploy Node Apps on Linux, 2016 Edition tutorial node
Don't forget Node Weekly if you like this.

Whitepaper: Building HTML5 Apps for Any Screen Size. Must-Know Techniques tutorial
Are you working on a responsive HTML5 project? Learn the must-know techniques for success with this whitepaper.
Telerik Kendo UI  Sponsor

Managing The Private Data of ES6 Classes tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Using ES7 Decorators with Babel 6 tutorial
Josh Habdas

Flip that App! Hybrid Mobile to JavaScript Native 
The process of converting a hybrid mobile app to a JavaScript native app built with NativeScript.
Telerik Developer Network

From Angular ES5 Directive to Angular ES2015 Component tutorial
Oren Farhi

Polymer Testing Tips tutorial
Maurizio Mangione

The Joys of Block Scoping with ES6 tutorial
Kyle Pennell

Constant Variables in JavaScript, or: When 'const' Isn't Constant tutorial
Marius Schulz

Graal.JS: High-Performance JavaScript On The JVM video
Graal.JS is a JavaScript engine for the JVM from Oracle.
Christian Wirth

Where Flux Went Wrong opinion
David Zukowski

Angular 2 versus React: A Comparison opinion
A fiery showdown by Cory House.

Do not reinvent the feed - Stream tools
Build scalable newsfeeds activity streams in a few hours instead of weeks.  Sponsor

OCamlScript: Compile OCaml to JavaScript tools
A backend for the OCaml compiler which emits JavaScript.
Bloomberg Finance

Introducing the Meteor Guide tools news
There’s now a complete, official resource for everything you need to build a production JS in Meteor.

HTML to React: Extract HTML Into React Components As Separate Modules code
Roman Liutikov

RoboJS: Dynamically Load JS Depending On DOM Structure code
Marco Gobbi

Vectorious: A High Performance Linear Algebra Library code
Mateo Gianolio

Rollerblade.js: A 360 Degree Interactive Image Rotator code
Austen Payan

angular2-es6-todomvc: Angular 2 TodoMVC App Written in ES6 code
Soós Gábor