JavaScript Weekly
Issue 267 — January 22, 2016
A dig into one of jQuery’s most important and most used functions. We’re thinking of creating a jQuery-focused weekly supplement to JavaScript Weekly, if that interests you, click here to register an instant ‘vote’ for the idea :-)

“What follows are all the things I wish someone had told me when I started working with JavaScript at scale.” Many insights and links to enjoy here.
MLS Digital Labs

One developer’s extensive set of insights and ideas around best practices when developing React apps.
Péter Márton

Pusher is a hosted WebSockets API that makes it easy to maintain and scale your realtime applications. It's effortless to integrate with Angular, VueJS, EmberJS and many more JavaScript frameworks
Pusher   Sponsor

Fast, simple, no dependencies, and small. Provides a handy way to build progressive enhanced experiences.
Viljami Salminen

“The solution for bad JavaScript web apps is not to abandon them altogether, but to make better ones.”
Mathias Schäfer

Firefox has joined Chrome in implementing the Web Speech API which makes speech recognition and synthesis possible in the browser. Here’s a look at how it works.
Mozilla Hacks

It takes static content written in Markdown, and renders and presents a site on-the-fly SPA-style with no server side scripting needed.
Chris Diana


In Brief News: 5 Weekly Links on ES6+ news
Not ours, but by former JSW editor Axel Rauschmayer and Johannes Weber :-)
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

The Creator of JavaScript Is Out to Upend the Ad Industry news
Brendan Eich is back.

You Know How to Code, but How Are Your Design Skills? course
Learn UI UX design through part-time, online courses with 1-on-1 mentorship from expert designers.
Designlab  Sponsor

What’s New in jQuery 3.0 and How to Use It tutorial
Saurabh Kirtani

New to Ember? Start Here With A Tutorial for 2016 tutorial
Frank Treacy

How to Update to the Latest Ember, Ember Data and Ember CLI tutorial
Frank Treacy

Creating a Multiselect Component as a Web Component tutorial
Artem Tabalin

Playing with ChakraCore on Linux tutorial
MS open sourced their JS engine just last week and here’s how to play with it on Linux.
Ariya Hidayat

Why React/Redux Is An Inferior Paradigm opinion
Just one guy’s opinion, but it blew up on Hacker News.
André Staltz

Bringing a Modern JavaScript Build Pipeline to LinkedIn opinion
LinkedIn Engineering

Mastering the IoT with C++ and JavaScript video
Günter Obiltschnig

Reactive JavaScript at Netflix, Microsoft and the World video
Matthew Podwysocki

10 Best jQuery and HTML5 WYSIWYG Plugins tools
Sure, it’s a list post, but I didn’t know about a few of these.

jsPsych: Run Behavioral Experiments in the Browser code
Flexible and generic, including things like progress bars, stimulus and response tracking, categorization and recording audio.
Josh de Leeuw

jQTipnav: jQuery Plugin for Small Navbars That Appear on Interactions code
Tvrtko Majstorović

Midnight.js: Switch Fixed Headers On The Fly code

react_on_rails: Integration of React + Webpack + Rails to Build Isomorphic Apps code
Shaka Code

MarsDB: ES6 Promise-Based Database with Mongo Query Syntax code
Based on a Meteor’s minimongo matching/modifying implementation.
Artem Artemyev

Sharer.js: Create Custom Social Sharing Elements on DOM Objects code
Ellison Leão

jroff: A 'man page' Parser Written in JavaScript code
Roberto Dip

Take a Look at Wijmo’s Angular 2 Proof of Concept 
Learn Angular 2 concepts and understand how to use JavaScript controls in your AngularJS application. Follow Wijmo’s progress as they migrate their Angular 1 directives to Angular 2 components. Download and run Wijmo’s Angular 2 Explorer.
Grapecity  Sponsor