JavaScript Weekly
Issue 268 — January 29, 2016
Flexible and with a great demo page. Supports numerous controls, modal and inline use, flipping, rotation, and more.
Fengyuan Chen

An attempt to recreate React’s core functionality with as little code as possible and with first-class ES6 support. There are lots of demos to check out.
Jason Miller

Coming to a Chrome (49) and Node near you. It has 91% ES6 support (by the Kangax compatibility table) including Proxy objects and the Reflect API.
V8 Project

Wes Bos
Learn React and level up your JavaScript skill set. Join 3,494 other developers learning React with Wes Bos in this tutorial series. React for Beginners will have you learn React.js in just a couple of afternoons, and it’s currently reduced to its launch price too. Check it out.
Wes Bos   Sponsor

“I think that there is an opportunity to do the same with React, but I am concerned that we could also go in another direction..” Key thoughts and insights from an industry expert.
Dion Almaer

One library’s solution to approaching client-side modularity using a mono-repo, one npm package and several CommonJS require-able modules.

Cody Lindley says component architectures are a cornerstone of all modern front end libraries/frameworks and shows how they work in some of them.
Telerik Developer Network

An attempt to unpack the complicated world of modules and module-like systems used in JavaScript.
Preethi Kasireddy

1.8 supports consumption of normal JavaScript files alongside TypeScript ones, making migrations easier. Extra JSX support is also included.

Google’s Jake Archibald is excited about the potential of streams in browsers to improve Web responsiveness. A look at the future?
Jake Archibald


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In Brief

CodePen's New Feature: A JavaScript Console news

Let’s Code JavaScript Season 5 Launches, Free Till Sunday news
A popular (paid) screencast site. Their new series is free to watch till the end of Sunday.
Let’s Code JavaScript

Create A Really Simple 'Offline' Page using Service Workers tutorial
Dean Hume

Filtering and Sorting a List of Strings tutorial
Dave Gomez

Using Inline Partials and Decorators with Handlebars 4.0 tutorial
Ryan Lewis

Crash Course to Angular tutorial
Jump right in and build your first Angular web app today.
Outlearn  Sponsor

Introduction to jCanvas: jQuery Meets HTML5 Canvas tutorial
Provides a jQuery approach to working with the HTML5 Canvas.
Maria Antonietta Perna

Unit Test Your JavaScript Using Mocha and Chai tutorial
Jani Hartikainen

Building ES6 JavaScript for the Browser with Gulp, Babel, and More tutorial
Aaron Krauss

Evented Mind: ES2015 (1 Hour) video
In this video course you'll learn the coolest features of ES6 like classes, fat arrows, iterators and generators using Babel and Meteor.
Evented Mind  Sponsor

Building A Live Chat App in 40 Minutes with React and Meteor video
(Note: Audio is quite loud.)
Paul Dowman

Angular vs React: A Feature Table Comparison opinion
Shannon Duncan

A Comparison of JavaScript Calendars and Schedulers opinion
A look at Kendo UI, FullCalendar, and dhtmlxScheduler.

Why Everyone Is Talking About Isomorphic JavaScript and Why It Matters opinion
Azat Mardan

The Controversial State of JavaScript Tooling opinion
Nicolas Bevacqua

A List of 73 Tooltip Libraries code

Custom Highlight: jQuery Plugin for Building Custom Text Highlight Actions code
Tapha Ngum

origami.js: HTML5 Canvas for Humans code
Raphael Amorim

Loud Links: Tiny Library to Add Interaction Sounds to Your Site code

Simple Code Examples to Help You Understand ES6 code
Gaurav Singh

Nodegram: The Simplest Instagram API Library code node
Hector Leon Zarco Garcia

trunc-html: Truncate HTML by Text Character Length While Preserving HTML Structure code
Nicolas Bevacqua

Cytoscape.js: Graph/Network Visualization and Analysis Library code
Now MIT licensed and at version 2.6.0. Absolutely tons of documentation and demos.
Cytoscape Consortium