JavaScript Weekly
Issue 279 — April 14, 2016
A look at approaches and best practices to error handling in JavaScript, including how to deal with errors thrown by asynchronous code.
Camilo Reyes

A compilation of common beginner mistakes to avoid when you’re writing your first Angular 2 app.
Kara Erickson

Domenic Denicola presents an update on WHATWG progress on adding support for JavaScript modules to popular Web Platform specs.

Join us at SIGNAL for an amazing speaker lineup including JavaScript engineer Katy Moe who will hack an NFC chip implanted in her hand onstage.
Twilio   Sponsor

With the first ‘major version’ release following 0.14.0, React 15 brings key improvements to how it interacts with the DOM and removes some deprecations. 15.0.1 followed a day later.
Dan Abramov

At Build 2016, Anders Hejlsberg discussed the current state of TypeScript and previewed some features coming in the next few months. Video here.

‘Language services’ are responsible for syntax highlighting, completion lists, signature help, and other tooling features in VS.

Mark Brown looks at the state of modules and shows how, with the help of Browserify, Webpack and jspm, you can use them in your projects today.
Mark Brown


In Brief

Building Realtime Applications with CycleJS and RxJS tutorial
Jack Franklin

Destructuring and Default Parameters in ES6 tutorial
Doug Wade

ES6 Symbols: What Are They tutorial
Paul Shannon

Very Brief Intro to the Web Cryptography API tutorial
If you want something far more indepth, enjoy this 2+ hour workshop on YouTube.
Tim Taubert

Future-proof your JavaScript with’s New online course: 'Angular 2 Transitional Architecture’ course
Master RESTful APIs, ES6, TypeScript more for moving to Angular 2. Attend remotely and take advantage of recorded sessions after completion.
RANGLE.IO  Sponsor

Performance Optimizations for React Apps tutorial
The key takeaway: “Return false from shouldComponentUpdate as high up in your application as you can.”
Alex Reardon

Understanding The 'prototype' Property in JavaScript tutorial

Let's Build a Redux Powered React Application tutorial
A look at why Redux is valuable when building a React application.
Robin Orheden

Using the SoundCloud API with their JavaScript SDK tutorial
How to build a simple app to list and play a user’s tracks.
Mustaghees Butt

React Native: Building Your First iOS App With JavaScript tutorial
Part one of a series on building an iOS app with React Native.
Nash Vail

Tracking Unhandled Rejected Promises tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Getting Started with the Twilio Video JavaScript SDK tutorial
For building multi-person video chat apps.
Sam Agnew

React: 15 Minutes at a Time video
A new series of tutorial videos. It leans on CodePen and starts from the bare basics.

Easier Remote JavaScript Debugging with Vorlon.js video
A tight 4 minute intro to Vorlon.
Etienne Margraff

Service Workers Replacing AppCache: A Sledgehammer to Crack A Nut opinion
Maximiliano Firtman

Binary Repositories !== Package Management. (Just ask your devs.) tools
Over 4M developers trust npm to integrate with their workflows. Unblock your team to build amazing things.
npm Enterprise  Sponsor

Starlight: For Embedding Lua on the Web tools
Enables you to run Lua scripts on a page by placing Lua code directly in script tags.
Paul Cuthbertson

Multi-Window Layout Manager 'Golden Layout' Goes Open Source tools
A React-powered layout manager for web apps.
Wolfram Hempel

Phenomic: A Static Website Generator That Uses React Components tools
Maxime Thirouin

Polygoat: Make A Function Support Both Promise and Callback Styles code
Sonny Piers

JavaScript Entity Graph: An In-Memory JS Graph Database code
Super simple, client-side and in-memory only.
Brandon Bloom

InlineTweet.js: Create Tweetable Links From Any Page Text code
Ire Aderinokun