JavaScript Weekly
Issue 280 — April 21, 2016

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- Peter Cooper, your editor

Angular and React? Here’s a look at work being done to render Angular 2 apps with React Native to make cross-platform native app dev easier.
Angular Team

A look at jQuery’s event methods, complete with Codepen examples, and best practices to follow when working with them.
Baljeet Rathi

Facebook introduced JSX, in which HTML markup is mixed in with JavaScript. What about if we did the same with CSS? Enter CSSX.
Krasimir Tsonev

To build the new mobile interface for its Dynamics CRM solution, Microsoft used the high-quality JavaScript controls in Wijmo 5, a collection of true JavaScript UI controls by GrapeCity. Read more about the top reasons Microsoft Dynamics chose Wijmo 5.
Wijmo   Sponsor

Didn’t make it to EmberConf? Slept in too late to see Tom and Yehuda’s keynote? Never fear, it’s all here.

After just one year in the open source community, React Native has changed the way many developers build apps on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Recently open sourced, ChakraCore is the heart of the JS engine used by Microsoft Edge and Windows 10. Brian Terlson looks at what’s new, what’s next, and how to directly use it yourself.
Channel 9

A walk through a simple boilerplate designed to help developers understand the architectural process behind setting up Angular 2 apps.
Todd Motto


In Brief

Last chance to join our March UI/UX courses, launching this Friday! course
Learn UI UX design through part-time, online courses with 1-on-1 mentorship from expert designers.
Designlab  Sponsor

ESLint Joins The jQuery Foundation news

Creating Modules with ES7 and Babel tutorial
Peter van der Zee

Killing CORS Preflight Requests on a React SPA tutorial
Damon Aw

A High Level Guide to Testing a React App tutorial
A. Sharif

Function Expressions vs Function Declarations tutorial
The differences and advantages of function expressions over function declarations.
Paul Wilkins

Creating Your First Node.js HTTP Server tutorial
Continuation of a series aimed at total beginners to Node.
Gergely Nemeth

The SaveAs Webinar: Exporting Content from JavaScript Apps tutorial
Implementing export functionality in your web apps presents a multitude of challenges. Learn how to tackle them.
Telerik Kendo UI  Sponsor

Speeding up Startup for Large React Apps video
React.js Conf 2016

A Million Ways to Fold in JS video
A look at alternatives to loops and cool stuff with recursion.
Brian Lonsdorf

How to Start an Ember Revolution video
Want to get your company into using Ember? A developer at Intercom shows how he did it.
Patrick O'Doherty

A Chat About RxJS with Matthew Podwysocki podcast
RxJS, the popular reactive extensions for JavaScript.
JavaScript Jabber

Autochecker: Test Node Modules Across Multiple Node Versions tools node
Victor Bjelkholm

React Components for Building Composable and Flexible Charts code
Rumble Inc.

Kewler: A Functional and Immutable Color Manipulation Library code
Adrien Antoine

Turntable.js: A Responsive jQuery Slider code
Rotate through a list of images as the pointer sweeps across a container.
Polar Notion

promiseRunner: A Promise Maker That Creates Promises Out of Normal Functions code

Scrollbear: Maintain Scroll Position As Images Load On A Page code
Howard Chang

Tabular Input Fields: A jQuery Plugin for Simple Tabular Fields code

ClippyJS: Add Clippy to Any Web Page for Instant Nostalgia code

rule-reactor: A Fast, Expressive Forward Chaining Business Rule Engine code
There’s an introductory article too.