JavaScript Weekly
Issue 282 — May 5, 2016
A key milestone for the popular JavaScript engine: “V8 supports ES6 and ES7.” But how? And what does it mean for the future?
Michael Hablich

A well recorded live-coding two-parter. The first video focuses on building a backend, the second on the front-end. Modern practices & ES6 are used.

“If you are looking for an opinionated style guide for syntax, conventions, and structuring Angular applications, then step right in.”
Angular Core

Pinpoint performance issues and build faster AngularJS apps. See how your app spends its time (AJAX calls, template rendering and digest cycle), where it needs optimizing, and who wrote the slow code. Beta invite for all JavaScript Weekly readers.
Opbeat   Sponsor

Closures are a fundamental concept. This is an extensive tutorial complete with code and diagrams to teach what’s involved.
Preethi Kasireddy

“96.5% of websites inspected do not use this one line of code that improves Angular performance.”
Hack Upstate

Our first online talk Angular: Tuning The Engine with Todd Motto went so well that we’re doing another. This time on bringing React and d3.js together to create reusable data viz components. Save your place here.
Swizec Teller

At the Forward 4 Web Summit, a 6 person all-star committee (including Allen Wirfs-Brock, editor of the ES2015 spec) discussed the future of JavaScript.
JavaScript Air

A look at recent WebAssembly developments and how you can play with it in your browser with Chrome and Firefox’s experimental support.
Elio Qoshi

A comprehensive guide to creating a hybrid app with Ionic from development to publishing in the app store. Useful info for all hybrid developers.
Nikola Brežnjak - Pluralsight

Now with tight integration with Angular 2.0.


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In Brief

3 day Ember.js Workshop - Munich, May 30th to June 1st 2016 course
This workshop takes participants through building a full Ember.js application using modern Ember.js patterns.
simplabs  Sponsor

Angular 2.0 Release Candidate 1 Released news

Aurelia's New Validation and Testing Capabilities news
Rob Eisenberg

New Angular 2 Course with Lukas Ruebbelke and Scott Moss course
Angular 2 is an incredibly powerful evolution of AngularJS. Discover why Angular 2 is half the framework with twice the power.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

12 Useful JavaScript Tricks / Hacks tutorial
Caio Ribeiro Pereira

Using NGINX on Heroku to Serve Single Page Apps and Avoid CORS tutorial
Damon Aw

How to Make HTTP Requests in Node with the Request Module tutorial node
David Kiss

Angular 2 Best Practices: Change Detector Performance tutorial
Ben Dilts

How to Build a Todo App with React, Redux, and Immutable.js tutorial

Using ES2015 in Your Applications Today video
Matt Blair

Best Practices for Building Popular Open Source JS Libraries video
James Smith

What Are The Key Differences Between React Native and NativeScript? opinion

Why React? Why Not Angular 2? opinion
Dave Ceddia

Easily Convert CSS to React Inline Styles tools
A tool to help translate plain CSS into an inline JSON representation for React.
Jason Jarrett

bwip-js: Barcode Generator Supporting Over 90 Barcode Standards code

jqImgBlurEffects: jQuery Plugin for SVG Blur Effects on Images code
Srinivas Dasari