JavaScript Weekly
Issue 283 — May 12, 2016
Angular’s largest conference took place last week and videos are already up. Enjoy the keynote for a major overview of Angular 2 and its ecosystem.

A look at an API that lets programmers use multiple workers and shared memory to implement true parallel algorithms.
Mozilla Hacks

Learn how to add more functionality to your browser by creating your own bookmark manager Chrome extension using Angular 2 and TypeScript.
Michaela Lehr

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A major milestone for the toolkit that lets you build native-feeling apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Jessica Lord

A handy reference of JavaScript terms with community-driven descriptions.
Hugo Giraudel

Ravi Kiran introduces jspm and SystemJS, tools that let you load any module format (ES6, AMD, CommonJS and globals) directly from any registry.
Ravi Kiran

Polyfills native JVM support so you can import existing Java code and invoke it from JavaScript. If you wanted to.
Harshad RJ and Jim Sproch

Inspired by sites like Laracasts and Railscasts, the videos so far seem to be free so fill your boots with videos on Express, npm, ES6, and more.
Jon Kuperman


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In Brief

V8 to Implement Async/Await Functions news

EmberCamp London: A Full Day of Ember Talks - July 12th news

Summaries of Each Day of ng-conf 2016 news
The main Angular conference took place just last week and there are write ups of day 1, day 2 and day 3.
Ado Kukic

JavaScript Road Map: Smaller, More Frequent Updates Ahead news
ECMAScript will be updated more often, even if releases bring fewer new features.
Paul Krill

The Best News From Angular’s ng-conf 2016: A Huge Recap news

Custom Angular 2 Training: Options Available in Person or Online course
Master RESTful APIs, ES6, TypeScript and more with the experts who developed the Angular 2 debugging tool, Augury. Attend remotely or in person as it suits the needs of you and your team.
RANGLE.IO  Sponsor

Tips to Optimize Rendering A Set of Elements in React (up to 20x) tutorial
Anton Lavrenov

Uploading Multiple Files At Once with Ajax and XHR2 tutorial
Raymond Camden

What Is Promise.try, and Why Does It Matter? tutorial
An “explanation of what Promise.try is, and why you should always use it, without exceptions”.
Sven Slootweg

Building Forms and Custom Validation in Angular 2 tutorial
How to create both simple and complex forms, as well as custom form validation.
Ryan Chenkie

A Look at ES6 Sets tutorial
Jaime González García

How to Build and Publish ES6 Modules Today, with Babel and Rollup tutorial
Konstantin Tarkus

How to Implement Smooth Scrolling in Vanilla JavaScript tutorial
Or as David Bachmann said on Twitter: “Step 1: Don’t”
Giulio Mainardi

Write Robust and Type-Safe JavaScript with Flow slidedeck
Patrick Stapfer

If React Native Exists, Should We Even Bother Learning Swift? video

Angular Performance: Tuning the Engine video
From our live webcast last week, a ton of Angular performance tips.
Todd Motto

A Case for ES6 Generators opinion
Nikolay Nemshilov

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The JSX opinion
James K Nelson

Create a Custom Component in Angular 2: Class Inheritance or Aggregation? 
Look at two primary methods for creating a reusable custom component in Angular 2. Sample w/source.
Wijmo  Sponsor

A Scripting Panel for After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop tools
Did you know you can script many Adobe apps with JavaScript? This makes playing easier.
Marshall Jones

Tocbot: Generate A Table of Contents Based on HTML Headings code
Tim Scanlin

Stop.js: Promise-Based 'setTimeout' and 'setImmediate' code
Rocky Wu

Trial.js: Mouse Position Monitoring and User Input Prediction code
Preload data as someone approaches a button, for example.
Marko Cen

Free Webinar - How to Launch A Career In Software Development 
Learn what it takes to become a professional software developer, what employers are looking for, and how to make the transformation.
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