JavaScript Weekly
Issue 286 — June 2, 2016
Eric Elliott compares 3 approaches to prototypal inheritance: differential, concatenative, and functional.
Eric Elliott

A look at advances in V8, ES6, and WebAssembly, plus a demonstration of debugging Node via Chrome’s DevTools.
Seth Thompson

A look at avoiding ‘callback hell’ in JavaScript by using new features in ES6 and ES7, plus some lessons learnt using them in production.
Guillermo Rauch

Frontend Masters
Learn how to build functional, reactive web applications in Angular 2 with a Redux inspired library, @ngrx/store and observables from Rx.js.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

Includes localization, theming, and keyboard support, and looks good on both desktop and mobile.
Claudéric Demers

An open-source software and hardware project from Google that anyone can use to build large and unusual interactive displays.
Google Creative Lab

Tim Severien provides a variety of tips for when building your own library, ranging from API design to testing and documentation.
Tim Severien

If you enjoy a good code dig, this is for you. A developer digs into Facebook’s JavaScript code to detect when his friends are typing.
Alex Kirszenberg

30 different techniques or syntax elements from React, Angular 1 and 2, Polymer, Vue and Ember are compared in this table.
Jeff Carpenter


In Brief

Progressive Web App Dev Summit 2016 (Amsterdam, NL) news
Two days of talks, labs and access to the Chrome engineers to discuss the future of the web.

The JS Kongress (Munich, November) Program Schedule Now Online news
JS Kongress

The npm Registry Gets 'Hooks' news node
Get notifications of npm registry events.
The npm Blog

New Tutorial: How to Write Secure REST APIs for Mobile Apps tutorial
Learn everything you need to build a RESTful service for use in your mobile app. You'll finish with a functioning API built in Node.js, protected by OAuth 2.0, and ready to plug into an iOS or Android app.
Stormpath  Sponsor

Make a Simple JavaScript Slideshow without jQuery tutorial
Yaphi Berhanu

The Complete(ish) Guide to Upgrading to Gulp 4 tutorial
Joe Zimmerman

Quick Angular 2 Hosting with the Angular CLI and GitHub Pages tutorial
The steps to set up an Angular 2 application locally using the Angular CLI and then deploy it to GitHub Pages as a single page app.
TJ VanToll

Smooth Page Scroll in 5 Lines of JavaScript tutorial
Dudley Storey

Getting Started with TDD in React tutorial
Dave Ceddia

An Angular 2 Introduction to Webpack tutorial

Build A Simple Mobile App With NativeScript And Angular 2 tutorial
Nic Raboy

JavaScriptCore CSI: A Crash Site Investigation Story story
A very technical, in-depth post on debugging a JavaScriptCore issue.
Mark Lam

Stop Bringing Strong Typing to JavaScript opinion
James Wright

Using React and D3 Together to Build Visualization Components video
Swizec Teller

When was the last time you found a tool that triples your productivity? tools
Instant feedback from your tests and realtime code coverage right in your editor, no context switching.
Wallaby.js  Sponsor

gDoc.js: Use Google Sheets as a CMS code
Pull data from a Google spreadsheet into a page on the fly.
Jade Allen Cook

microlight.js: A Tiny Code Highlighting Library code
Takes an interesting approach of not having language specific rules.

Inferno: A Fast, React-like Library for Building Modern UIs code
An isomorphic library for high-performance UIs.
Dominic Gannaway

WebGazer.js: Scalable Webcam EyeTracking Using User Interactions code
Brown HCI Group

An Experimental Twitter Desktop Client Written with JSGtk+ code
JSGtk is a JavaScript binding for GNOME. For Linux and OS X.
Andrea Giammarchi