JavaScript Weekly
Issue 287 — June 9, 2016
Kyle Simpson examines a variety of ways in which JavaScript promises get abused: “Promises are powerful and transformative, but I urge you to take a step back and re-examine how you’re relying on them.”
Kyle Simpson

Lodash is the most depended on npm package, but if you’re using ES6, you might not actually need it.
Dan Prince

Free 27 part video course from Redux creator, Dan Abramov.

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Node 6 supports 93% of ES6 but not ES Modules. Some hard decisions are needed to make it work. (Like this? Today’s Node Weekly has more.)
Rod Vagg

Apply the principles of purely functional languages to your JavaScript to gain more reliable, self-documenting codebases.
Jack Franklin

A set of headers that make a C++11 library accessible from JavaScript by generating the necessary bindings.

A mostly pointless, but geeky and fun, look at rendering characters via JavaScript using just a few underlying symbols.
Sylvain Pollet-Villard


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In Brief

Firefox to Help Developers with JavaScript Errors news
Error messages in Firefox’s dev console will provide links to associated docs.
Mozilla Hacks

JS++: A New Compiler That Tackles JavaScript's Weak Typing news
Paul Krill

Get Live 1:1 JavaScript Expert Help / Become a JavaScript Codementor 
Codementor helps developers learn JavaScript faster with on-demand live expert help. Are you a JS expert? Become a Codementor and get paid by helping your fellow developers.
Codementor  Sponsor

Working with Regular Expressions in JavaScript tutorial
If you’re intimidated by or new to regexes, this is a good place to start.
Kevin Yank

Angular Directives Mapped to React tutorial
How do you do the equivalents of ng-if, ng-repeat, and others, in React?
Dave Ceddia

An Introduction to Unit Testing in Node tutorial node
Gergely Nemeth

A Detailed Look at JS Variable Hoisting tutorial
A key aspect of working with variables in JavaScript.
Dmitri Pavlutin

Building Real-time Apps with WebSockets and Server-Sent Events tutorial
Mark Brown

An Introduction to Iteration in ES6 with Generator Functions video
Rally Coding

'!!' vs hasOwnProperty vs 'in' in 10 Minutes video
Derick Bailey

4 Most Common Errors with React/Redux video
Rally Coding

Live Coding a 'Minimum Viable View' Library in 30 Minutes video
Juha Lindstedt

When Not to Use ES6 Arrow Functions opinion
Dmitri Pavlutin

7 Surprising Things I Learned Writing a Fibonacci Generator in JavaScript opinion
Eric Elliott

Angular Code Review: Checklists for Reviewing Your Angular Code tools
Jurgen Van de Moere

Kajero: Interactive JavaScript Notebooks with Graphing Functionality tools
Joel Otter

Build faster Node.js apps tools node
See how your app spends its time (database, cache, external http requests), where it needs optimizing, and who wrote the slow code.
Opbeat  Sponsor

ng2-notifications: Native Web Push Notifications with Angular 2 code
Alex Castillo

lodash-bound: Enables Chained Lodash Functions with ES Bind (::) Syntax code
Elad Ossadon

is.js: A Simple Yet Extensible Predicate Library code
Includes a wide variety of checks for objects.

react-aim: Determine Cursor Aim for Triggering Events with React code
Gabriel Bull

Trixly: A Universal TypeScript Starter Kit for Angular 2 and React code
Tests using Mocha and Chai, TSLint for code style, transpilation to ES5 by Babel, and more.