JavaScript Weekly
Issue 289 — June 23, 2016
ECMA has approved the spec. The two key features this time are the ** exponentiation operator and Array.prototype.includes.

A React Native app generator that includes component and usage examples, theming, convenience screens, and more.
Infinite Red

See how to build a basic lexer, parser and evaluator in JavaScript.
Tadeu Zagallo

Our API automation platform keeps getting better with new streamlined commercial packages.
DreamFactory   Sponsor

Videos and summaries of six talks from the React Europe conference that took place earlier this month.
Dylan Kirby

TJ VanToll, Cody Lindley, Ed Charbeneau and Todd Motto debate whether Angular 2 has what it takes to match the success of Angular 1.
Telerik Developer Network

A well-informed proposal to resolve standing issues over whether JavaScript files are treated as regular scripts or modules.
John-David Dalton and Bradley Meck

Byron Houwens explains the benefits of types and interfaces in this intro to TypeScript, a strongly-typed superset of JavaScript.
Byron Houwens


In Brief

Be Warned About This Crazy JIT Bug in V8 news

JS Performance Updates in Microsoft Edge and Chakra news

Introducing Nova: A New Kind of Back-End for React Apps news tools
An update to Telescope. Uses Meteor.
Sacha Greif

Aurelia Release Candidate Released news code

Introducing JavaScriptCore's New Sampling Profiler news tools

Part how-to, part show tell, totally amazing: npm’s first conference news
npm’s not just Node. Meet cool folks building amazing things with the world’s largest software repository…
npmCamp: July 30 in Oakland  Sponsor

Everything I Know About The 'Script' Tag tutorial
Beginners will certainly learn something here.
Zack Bloom

Creating Trello-Like Card Dragging with Angular Dragula tutorial
dragula is a popular drag and drop library.
Shekhar Gulati

10 Cool Things You Can Do with CodePen and JavaScript tutorial tools
Chris Coyier

A Look at Angular Router tutorial
Goes into detail on what the router does and why.
Victor Savkin

Run npm Scripts in a Git pre-commit Hook tutorial
Elijah Manor

15 Ways to Write Self-Documenting JavaScript tutorial
Jani Hartikainen

Realtime App Development with RethinkDB and React Native tutorial
A very thorough tutorial.
Wern Ancheta

A 20 Minute Screencast on Setting Up a React and Webpack Project video
Jack Franklin

12 Books Every JavaScript Developer Should Read opinion
Eric Elliott

Aurelia vs Angular (1.x): A Feature by Feature Comparison opinion

Migrating A 10,000-line Legacy JavaScript Codebase to TypeScript story
Philip Guo

Build faster Node.js apps tools
See how your app spends its time (database, cache, external http requests), where it needs optimizing, and who wrote the slow code.
Opbeat  Sponsor

react-enroute: A React Router with a Small Footprint for Modern Browsers code
TJ Holowaychuk

promise-log: A Shortcut for console.log-ing Your Promises code

chillout.js: Reduce CPU Usage with Promise-Based Asynchronous Iterators code

Picla: jQuery Plugin That Converts alt Text into Image Labels code
Arun Michael Dsouza

Algolia Places: Give Any 'input' Address Autocompletion code
There’s a full intro post too.

FlatPickr: Light and Powerful Date/Time-Picker with No Dependencies code