JavaScript Weekly
Issue 288 — June 16, 2016

Thanks to your enthusiastic response, our 2 day workshop in London with Kyle Simpson has sold out :-) So Kyle's doing a couple of 2 hour classes on June 29th: Functional-Light JavaScript, and ES6: The Right Parts. If you're in/near London, check them out.

Todd has built upon his earlier, highly popular Angular styleguide, and rewritten it to match modern practices and the use of ES6.
Todd Motto

It might be gentle, but this is a thorough (you’ll need a full cup of coffee) article that goes into a lot of detail.
Dmitri Pavlutin

A slimmer, faster version of jQuery. There’s an upgrade guide and a script to help with migrations.
jQuery Foundation

Learn to build your own AngularJS chat app with realtime messages and more in no time. Register for this developer training webinar now. (Limited seating. Seats fill fast.)
Pubnub   Sponsor

An attempt to recreate React's core value proposition in as little code as possible, with first-class ES6 support.
Jason Miller

RC2 brings new techniques for building forms, Web Worker enhancements, and the Animation Framework. See full release notes here.
Angular JS

Like many, Tatu was disinterested when he first heard about TypeScript, but now he’s convinced most of us should be using it, or at least giving it a try. A lengthy discussion on Hacker News followed.
Tatu Tamminen

“Test Driven Development is one weird trick that will change the way you code forever (in a good way).”
James Sinclair


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In Brief

Vue 2.0 Livestream: What's New in Vue 2.0 news video
Starts at 20 minutes in. The first Vue 2.0 alpha is also out.

Code Slinger: A 1 Day Software Engineering Conf in London (June 23) news

The Future of TypeScript Declaration Files news
“Getting type declarations in TypeScript 2.0 will require no tools apart from npm.”

React: ES5 (createClass) or ES6 (class)? tutorial
Explore the differences between React.createClass and ES6 classes.
Dave Ceddia

The Spread Operator: How Three Dots Changed JavaScript tutorial
Dmitri Pavlutin

JavaScript Object Creation: Patterns and Best Practices tutorial
Jeff Mott

A Look at the New Angular Component Syntax tutorial
Andrew Mulrean

Learn D3.js Basics By Planting A Vegetable Garden tutorial
An interactive D3 tutorial for learning data visualization with JavaScript.
Kevin Kononenko

Hands-on Functional Programming with Ramda.js tutorial
Florian Rappl

Angular 2 Data Grid Basics: Small, Fast, and Familiar tutorial
To have a good Angular 2 grid, you’ll need to understand what’s involved to nail the basics.
Wijmo  Sponsor

Making JavaScript Initialize Faster video
A talk on an experimental compiler being worked on at Facebook.
Sebastian McKenzie

Currying Functions in JavaScript in 10 Minutes video
Derick Bailey

Discover Aurelia with Rob Eisenberg video
Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript framework for building apps for the browser, desktop and mobile devices.
Rob Eisenberg

Make A Game with Ember video
A fun and unexpected use for Ember.
Matt McKenna

"The Best Console Logging Tip I've Ever Received" video
In short, the use of console.table instead of console.log.

You Know How to Code, but How Are Your Design Skills? course
Learn UI UX design through part-time, online courses with 1-on-1 mentorship from expert designers.
Designlab  Sponsor

3 Reasons Why I Stopped Using React.setState opinion
Michel Weststrate

npms: A New Search Engine for npm Modules tools node
It’s certainly fast.
André Cruz

3 Interesting Online Code Playgrounds for JS Developers tools
Plunker, ESNextbin and HyperDev help you do some back-end JS work too.
James Hibbard

React CSS Components: Define React Presentational Components with CSS code
Andrey Popp

Barba.js: Smooth Visual Transitions Between Pages with pushState code
Luigi De Rosa

pify-proto: Promisify Methods on the Prototype of An Object code
Sam Gluck