JavaScript Weekly
Issue 294 — July 28, 2016
Aurelia is a next-gen JavaScript client framework that Rob Eisenberg, formerly an Angular 2 core team member, first shared 18 months ago.

A new, official toolkit that brings together several tools to rapidly create React apps with no up-front build config. Official announcement and guide here.

An extremely thorough tutorial/walkthrough extracted from ng-book, an Angular 2 book.

Learn to build your own AngularJS chat app with realtime messages and more in no time. View Tutorial.
PubNub   Sponsor

Microsoft open-sourced ChakraCore, the core of their JavaScript engine, in January. Now, they have implementations on Linux and OS X, as well as an experimental version of Node that uses it.
Limin Zhu

Jack Franklin takes a look at Higher Order Components, a design pattern that helps keep your React applications tidy, well structured and easy to maintain.
Jack Franklin

This update brings Meteor up to Node 4.4.7 (from 0.10.46), plus a jump from MongoDB 2.6 to 3.2.

Parses your React project’s source files to generate a visual tree graph representing the React component hierarchy.
Team Gryff

Todd Motto explains when and why you should consider moving from Angular 1 to Angular 2 and some approaches from making the conversion.
Todd Motto


  • Web Developer at William Hill, GibraltarAre you are a Web Developer with excellent JavaScript coding skills? Our ideal candidate would be someone who enjoys JavaScript and has an interest to work cross-functions, pro-active throughout, with a focus on delivery. William Hill
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In Brief

Ember.js 2.7 and 2.8 Beta Released news
Tilde Inc.

The jQuery Foundation and Standards news
jQuery Foundation

Interactive ES6 cheatsheet: 9 sections, 31 code samples tutorial
In 5 minutes you'll be able to read and understand modern JavaScript code with 31 runnable code samples.
Swizec Teller  Sponsor

JavaScript Closures Explained by Mailing a Package tutorial
Kevin Kononenko

How to Build a REST API with AWS SimpleDB and Node.js tutorial node
Kyle Davis

A Step-by-Step TDD Approach on Testing React Components using Enzyme tutorial

What Do the Popular JavaScript Tools Depend On? tutorial
Examining the dependencies of popular tools and frameworks including Angular, React, jQuery, and Aurelia.
Cody Lindley

Introducing Reduce: Common Patterns video
9 min video looking at the map() and filter() functions and how reduce can give a performance boost.
Mykola Bilokonsky

Learning How to Ride: An Introduction to Cycle.js video
Cycle.js is a declarative JS framework for building apps as pure functions.

Download Rangle’s Official Angular 2 Training Book tutorial
This extensive training book covers the most important Angular 2 topics including how to get started with the Angular 2 toolchain and write scalable & maintainable applications.
Rangle.IO  Sponsor

Career.JS: Podcast Where 3 JS Devs Share Software Dev Career Advice podcast

Mixins Considered Harmful opinion
Dan Abramov

ECMAScript Version Detector: Paste in Code, See What Bits of Specs You're Using tools

Bi Sheng: A Static Site Generator Based on React and Markdown code
Benjy Cui

RE-Build: Build Regular Expressions with Expressive Semantics code
e.g. ("2").then.oneOf.range("0", "4").then.digit
Massimo Artizzu

MetricsGraphics.js: Time-Series Data Visualization Library code
Provides a simple way to produce common types of graphics with D3.
Almossawi and Ulmer