JavaScript Weekly
Issue 297 — August 18, 2016
A look at how your choice of modules and bundler can affect load performance, complete with benchmarks comparing browserify, webpack, rollup and closure.
Nolan Lawson

Explaining the different ways of evaluating code in the browser and introducing a tiny library that can execute strings of code in a secure, sandboxed environment.
RisingStack Engineering

Setting up a new React app properly can be tricky. This walkthrough goes through setting up Webpack, Babel, hot reloading, i18n, and more properly.
Ryan Chenkie

Codiscope Jacks
Bad code stinks. Clean up your insecure JS source code with Jacks (supports: Node.js Express, hapi.js, and React). Analyze your GitHub repo to learn how to improve your code and build stronger web applications from the start. Free for devs.
Codiscope Jacks   Sponsor

In a fun 50 minute talk, Seb Lee-Delisle demonstrates how to get started with connecting electronic components on the Raspberry Pi and how to work with LEDs, buttons, displays, and motors from JavaScript.
Seb Lee-Delisle

Be careful not to jump out of the callback hell frying pan and into the deeply-nested promises fire. Here’s a look at how it can happen and how it can be resolved.
Philip Walton

It’s now possible to develop native applications for Ubuntu using Web technologies via React Native.
Justin McPherson


In Brief

Angular Material 1.1 Released news

NaN and typeof, and Why NaN is Considered a Number Type tutorial
Kiro Risk

ngMigrate: From ng-controller to Component Classes tutorial
A guide to moving from Angular 1.x style controllers to Angular 2 component classes.
Lukas Ruebbelke

10 Need-to-Know RxJS Functions with Examples tutorial
Peleke Sengstacke

How to Build A Simple Secured Application with Aurelia 1.0 tutorial
A thorough walkthrough.
Ryan Chenkie

New Course: Complete Intro to React (feat. Redux & Router) course
Brian Holt (Netflix) introduces you to React plus surrounding ecosystem including: Redux for state management, React Router for navigation and more.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

Writing A JS Framework: Execution Timing, Beyond SetTimeout tutorial
Explains about the event loop and the differences between timing techniques using approaches like setTimeout and Promises.
Bertalan Miklos

How to Create a Redux-Form with Validation and Initialized Values tutorial
David Meents

The Marvellously Mysterious JavaScript 'Maybe' Monad tutorial
James Sinclair

A Look at Factory Functions in JavaScript tutorial
Dan Prince

A Beginners Guide to Ionic 2 Mobile Applications tutorial
Nic Raboy

3-Part Responsive Technical Walkthrough to Implement Grid-Based Layouts tutorial
Learn to improve your responsive designs through these simple & powerful grids & learn 6 new layout patterns.
Designlab  Sponsor

Super MarioScript: Tools and Tips for NES Development video
Developing build tools for creating homebrew Nintendo games. Useful to few of us but always fun to see projects like this.
Fritz van Deventer

Constant Confusion: Why I Still Use JavaScript Function Statements opinion
Bill Sourour

Surfingkeys: Expand Your Browser with JavaScript + Keyboard tools
Write JS to do things in the browser when triggered by the keyboard.
Brook Hong

A List of 100+ Emulators Written in JavaScript tools
Hacker Lists

ShiftJS: A Swift to JavaScript Transpiler tools
It’s not getting great reviews on Hacker News though.

webpack-dashboard: A CLI Dashboard for Webpack Dev Server tools

LogicJS: Logic Programming for JavaScript code
Prolog-style declarative programming functions for JS.

DropZone.jsx: HTML5 Drag and Drop React Component code

10 jQuery Form Validation Plugins code

Toolgif: A Simple 'Animated GIF Tooltip' jQuery Plugin code
Mehmet Burak Erman

Recharts: A Composable Charting Library using React Components and D3 code
Recharts Group

Papa Parse: A Powerful CSV Parser for JavaScript code
The fastest in-browser CSV parser available, plus it can cope with multi-gigabyte sources.
Matt Holt