JavaScript Weekly
Issue 298 — August 25, 2016
Test262 is a test suite for the JavaScript language. Here’s a look at some of the quirky tests Bocoup came up with and contributed to cover new language features like default parameters and Promises.

Despite the version number, this is a key release. The es2017 preset adds support for async/await and trailing commas in functions. Also a new ‘latest’ preset, plus many bug fixes.
Henry Zhu

A look at building a wrapper for the Fetch API, step-by-step, to cache fetched AJAX results and avoid repeated requests to the server.
Peter Bengtsson

If you're an HTML5/JS dev, maybe you have already jumped in on a responsive project and would like to learn more. If not, responsive web design will probably be a requirement in the near future. This free whitepaper will give you the must-know about responsive web.
Progress   Sponsor

An in-depth survey by Sacha Greif (creator of Telescope) that wants to get a feel for the JavaScript landscape in 2016. He promises to share the results.
Sacha Greif

Works in both Node and the browser to make using the GPU for calculations easy. In the browser, it does some trickery with WebGL to make it all work.
Maia Victor

A simple introduction and look down the ‘deep rabbit hole’ of how powerful and versatile service workers can be for delivering offline content.
Mike Riethmuller

Should you learn vanilla, pure JavaScript before hopping on any JS framework bandwagons? This developer says yes.
Francois-Xavier P. Darveau

Jafar Husain from Netflix, and member of the TC-39 committee, talks about the future of JavaScript in this hour long podcast.
Front End Happy Hour


  • Front End Developer at GeckoboardGeckoboard is a successful and growing 30-person B2B SaaS startup based in East London looking for curious and creative problem solvers to help beautiful UIs with React and ES6.  Geckoboard
  • JavaScript Developer at Pixformance (Berlin)We're an established Berlin startup creating the most innovative fitness and rehabilitation training experience in the world. We are looking for a JavaScript Developer to help build the next generation of our product. Pixformance
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In Brief

The State of JavaScript: Front-End Framework Usage news
Some preliminary results from the State of JavaScript survey shared above.
Sacha Greif

Spacecamp 2.0: A 2 Day JavaScript Coding Retreat and Unconf news
In North Carolina this November.

Join us at DataLayer news
Hear speakers from GitHub, Adobe, ZenDesk many others as they discuss how their teams are optimizing the data layer to scale modern web and mobile apps. Reserve your seat for this 1 day event on Sep 28 in Seattle.
Compose/DataLayer  Sponsor

Removing Elements from JavaScript Arrays tutorial
Marius Schulz

How to Convert Legacy ng-class Bindings to Angular 2 Attribute Bindings tutorial
Jeremy Likness

Tracking Outbound Forms and Links with Google Analytics tutorial

A Look at Ahead-of-Time Compilation in Angular 2 tutorial
Minko Gechev

Angular 1 Using Redux Architecture tutorial
Dima Grossman

19 Tips to Make Learning Angular 2 Easier tutorial
Cody Lindley

Video Tutorial Series: Using React JS for Front-End Development video
Check out these 10-minute tutorials on using React JS with Redux & Flux. If you’re creating a new web app, you may find it useful.
Bandwidth  Sponsor

Let's Build A Drum Machine with Ember.js video
Gavin Joyce

Webpack from First Principles: A Smooth 15 Minute Intro video
Front End Center

Relay 2: Simpler, Faster, More Predictable Data-Driven React Apps video
Facebook’s Greg Hurrell revealed Relay 2’s features at the Silicon Valley ReactJS Meetup.
Pete Huitsing

From MVC to Flux: The Difference Between Two Architectures video
Guy Nesher

Tree-Shaking Example with Babel and Webpack tools
How to enable tree-shaking for dev and production builds.
Soós Gábor

GopherJS 1.7-1 Released: Compile Go 1.7 to JavaScript tools
Dmitri Shuralyov

Transcompiling F# to JavaScript with Fable tools

A Pure JavaScript Version of Google's Closure Compiler code

Keystone 4.0 Released: A CMS Built on Node code node

React Static Plate: Build Static Sites with React + CSS Modules code
Uses ES6, supports hot reloading locally, generates a sitemap.xml file.
Yannik Schweinzer

Grade: Generate Complementary Gradients From Supplied Images code
The demo shows it off well.
Ben Howdle

Pluggable.js: Make Your JS Project Extendable Through Plugins code
.. while still keeping sensitive objects and data private through closures.
JC Brand

Push.js: JavaScript Notifications for (Almost) Every Browser code
Tyler Nickerson