JavaScript Weekly
Issue 301 — September 15, 2016
Even in its pre-release versions, Angular 2 has seen heavy use but the core team is now happy with the Angular 1 successor’s stability and featureset. Rewatch the live reveal here. There are also links to lots of tutorials here.
Angular Core Team

Netflix and TC39’s Jafar Husain gives a thorough and engaging 35 minute talk on where JavaScript is headed now ES6 has become popular.
Jafar Husain

An introduction to, and explanation of, the benefits of static typing in JavaScript while using Facebook’s Flow.
Aria Fallah

Check out a 10-minute tutorial on using React JS with Redux & Flux. If you’re creating a new web app, you may find it useful.
Bandwidth   Sponsor

Nicolás Bevacqua says template literals are strictly better than strings and should become the new default for the post-ES6 era versus single and double quoted strings.
Nicolás Bevacqua

A look at various JavaScript refactoring techniques to make your code more generic and strike the balance between readability and reusability.
Paul Wilkins

A core Angular developer demonstrates how common scenarios of using dependency injection in Angular 1 can be implemented in Angular 2.
Victor Savkin

A modern JavaScript debugger from Mozilla built as a React and Redux-powered webapp.
Mozilla Hacks

At Full Stack Fest, Alex Castillo demonstrated the visualization and interpretation of brainwaves in the browser using Angular. 40 minutes.
Alex Castillo


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In Brief

V8 5.4 Provides Memory and Performance Improvements news
In beta until Chrome 54. Offers 10-13% better performance over 5.3.
Michael Hablich

Onsen UI 2 Released: A Hybrid Mobile App Framework and Toolset news
Onsen UI

Two free weeks of JavaScript training: React Native, Async, GraphQL course
Learn from Google, Twitter and Netflix alums about Event Loops, React, Flux, Async Coding & Front End DevOps
ForwardJS Courses  Sponsor

Tutorial: Building a Mobile App with Cordova and Vue.js tutorial
Michael Viveros

Pragmatic Uses of Monkey Patching in JavaScript tutorial
Vildan Softic

Why and How to Use Default Function Arguments in JavaScript tutorial
Wes Bos

Using Webpack to Hot-Reload Your Backbone-Marionette-Ampersand Project tutorial
Mike Macaulay

AJAX Requests in React: How and Where to Fetch Data tutorial
Dave Ceddia

The Modernization of Reactivity tutorial
A look at reactive programming technologies and techniques from a JavaScript perspective.
Kris Zyp

Learn How to Use Design to Make Your Websites & Apps Addictive course
Combine JavaScript & design to make apps that "force" users to use your apps day after day.
Designlab  Sponsor

The 'Ultimate' Introduction to React video
2 devs spend an hour building a tic-tac-toe game. Light hearted and you might like the style.
Jordan Leigh

Testing JavaScript with Jest video
Kent C. Dodds

Beyond The Tab: Executing JavaScript Across Browser Contexts video
Andrew Dunkman

Is Your JavaScript Function Actually Pure? opinion
A little Twitter experiment got André thinking about purity in JavaScript.
André Staltz

Does ES6 Mean The End Of Underscore / Lodash? opinion
Derick Bailey

Idea for Improving The Syntax of EJS Templates opinion
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

React Native Elements Cross-Platform UI Toolkit code
React Native Community

JavaScript Cookie: A Simple, Lightweight API for Handling Cookies code

Tide: A New Flux-Like State Management Library for React code

Jest: Painless JavaScript Testing from Facebook code
Not new but has picked up momentum recently.

Inferno: A Fast, React-Like Library for Building Modern UIs code

match-sorter: Simple, Expected, and Deterministic Best-Match Array Sorting code
Kent C. Dodds