JavaScript Weekly
Issue 302 — September 22, 2016
The typed JavaScript superset takes a new leap forward with even closer ECMAScript spec alignment. If you need some convincing, Dylan Schiemann shares 9 pieces of TypeScript 2.0 Awesomeness.

Components are a core part of Angular 2 around which most apps will be built. Learn what they are, how they work, and how to test them properly.
Matt Fehskens

Pavels Jelisejevs introduces ESLint, a highly configurable (and popular) tool that analyses your code and highlights (or can even fix) bugs or style issues it finds.

Learn to build your own Java/Android chat app with realtime messages and more. Watch Now.
PubNub   Sponsor

Easy-Fix is a new module from Walmart Labs that helps integration tests capture and replay test data allowing tests to run in live, capture or replay modes.
Dan Rathbone

Despite all the hype and noise, Burke Holland says that Angular is still the dominant JavaScript framework and Angular 2 will be gasoline on the fire.
Burke Holland

Features an intuitive Canvas-esque API, is based on SVG/VML technology, and works right back to IE6 and Chrome 1.

A look at how to build 3D games declaratively using Three.js, React and WebGL.
Andrew Rey

How to draw on a canvas, rotating a matrix, rudimentary requestAnimationFrame listening and handling keyboard input are covered in this fun 51 minute tutorial.
Meth Meth Method

One way to understand a system is to build something similar of your own. In just 30 minutes, Paul O Shannessy does just that - rebuilding a very simple React-a-like.
Paul O Shannessy


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In Brief

React Router v4 Takes Radically Different Declarative Approach news
A huge overhaul.

The Progress of Node.js A Year After Node and io.js Merged news node
Node.js Foundation

Using Lambdas with Bluebird.Map tutorial
Pete Lyons

Code Size Reduction Tricks for asm.js tutorial
Andre Weissflog

An Introduction to Generators and Channels in JavaScript tutorial
A. Sharif

Data Flow in Vue and Vuex tutorial
Benjamin Listwon

Building a Hacker News Client with Angular 2 CLI, RxJS and Webpack tutorial
A thorough tutorial.
Houssein Djirdeh

4 Tips for Building Cross-Platform Electron Apps tutorial node

Top-Level 'await' Is A Footgun opinion
“Top-level await, as far as I can tell, is a mistake and it should not become part of the language.”
Rich Harris

Why Vue (Not React) Is The New jQuery opinion
Peter Jang

What's Coming in Vue.js 2.0 podcast
Full Stack Radio

WebAssembly: Birth of A Virtual ISA video
A great intro to what WebAssembly is and isn’t and its ecosystem.
Ben Smith

Find and Fix Node.js Errors Faster (and have fun doing it) tools
Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all Node errors.
ROLLBAR  Sponsor

PM2 v2 Released: The Node.js Process Manager tools

fetch-reject: Simple Wrapper for 'fetch' Which Rejects on HTTP Error code
Matan Kotler-Berkowitz

promise-sequential: Like Promise.all(), But Sequentially code
Russian Rebouças

Matter.js: A 2D Rigid Body Physics Engine for the Web code
Liam Brummitt

Lory: Touch-Enabled, Minimalistic Slider Written in Vanilla JS code
Maximilian Heinz

React Routify: A Routing Library for React Applications code
Ryan Whitmire

Try RASON™ – And Start Using Advance Analytics in Your Web/Mobile Apps tools
Solve powerful optimization & simulation models in your app easily with RASON™. Use a high-level modeling language embedded in JSON, & a simple, Azure-backed REST API. by Frontline Systems Inc  Sponsor