JavaScript Weekly
Issue 323 — February 23, 2017

Just a brief notice for eagle eyed readers.. we have a JavaScript sticker pack for sale. It's $7 and includes ES6, ES2016 and ES2017 stickers, and for today only there's free delivery using the code JSW. Until stocks run out, etc. (There are others available too.) :-)

A look at recent efforts within the V8 team to bring the performance of newly added JavaScript features on par with their transpiled ES5 counterparts.
Michael Hablich

The V8 team is working on a new compiler pipeline that will increase performance. You can already test it out in Chrome Canary by enabling an experimental flag.
Michael Hablich

Neutrino combines the build and configuration power of Webpack with the capability to build JavaScript-based projects with presets. An introductory post here.
Eli Perelman

Get real-time crash alerts and collect detailed diagnostics so you can fix errors for your users. See deminified stacktraces with support for sourcemaps. Cut through front-end noise so you can efficiently assess the impact of errors. Learn more.
Bugsnag   Sponsor

A key release for the testing tool. Tests now re-run instantly after a file change and a typeahead feature has been added to make it easy to select the right tests.
Rogelio Guzman

The optionally-typed JavaScript extension adds improved code actions for editors, a new ‘object’ type, better class support for mixins, & more. Sitepen has an article with more details.

A fun site where the only messages you post are essentially tiny pieces of JavaScript that render simple demos into canvas elements. See this one for example.

Late last year we launched a React-specific newsletter due to the growth of the React ecosystem. If you use React and haven’t seen it yet, check it out :-)

A feature-based comparison of five image processing libraries that work within the browser.

Async/await won’t free you entirely from having to break out promises every so often.
Daniel Brain

Covers the basics of each key stage in a compiler as simply as possible. Note: The posts use KLIPSE to provide interactive examples.
Yehonathan Sharvit


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In Brief

ECMAScript 2016+ Support in Firefox news
A technical update on the support for the latest JavaScript features in Firefox.

CoffeeScript 2.0.0-alpha1 Released news

New course: Learn How to Build Real World Apps with Angular 2+ course
Learn how real world authentication, CRUD, best practices, advanced patterns, and more work in Angular 2 by rebuilding the Angular 2 RealWorld project step-by-step.
Thinkster  Sponsor

A 10 Minute Primer on Modules, Module Formats, Loaders and Bundlers tutorial
Jurgen Van de Moere

How to Build a jQuery Plugin to Provide User Sortable Lists tutorial

What You Should Know About Numbers in ES6 tutorial
Just Chris

What You Should Know About ES6 Maps tutorial
Just Chris

From Angular 1.x's angular.module to Angular 2'x ngModule tutorial
Todd Motto

Making Your Code Cleaner with Method Decorators tutorial
Netanel Basal

Building Delicious Forms with Ember.js video
Ben Holmes

[Whitepaper] The Future of JavaScript—2017 and Beyond opinion
2017 predictions for the key and rising JavaScript libraries and frameworks and JS’s New Frontiers in this whitepaper
Progress  Sponsor

It’s Time to Give TypeScript Another Chance opinion
Jason Dreyzehner

React’s JSX vs Vue’s Templates: A Showdown on the Front End opinion
Juan Vega

babel-preset-env: A Preset That Configures Babel for You tools
A preset for Babel that lets you specify an environment and it automatically enables the necessary plugins.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

5 jQuery Pagination Plugins tools

unfetch: Bare Minimum 'Fetch' Polyfill in 500 Bytes code
A ‘barely polyfill’ that implements a subset of the full Fetch API.
Jason Miller

Vuedeux: A Utility Layer for Binding Vuex to Redux code

AR.js: Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web code
Jerome Etienne