JavaScript Weekly
Issue 326 — March 16, 2017

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Want to do a quick experiment in isolation? Quokka.js is a rapid prototyping tool that works within VS Code (but with more editors coming soon).
Artem Govorov

Filmed at The Rolling Scopes conference in Belarus, Axel gives a very thorough tour of the ECMAScript proposals process and forthcoming features.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

A series of posts digging into the inner workings of Preact, a 3KB React alternative with the same API. (Part 2 covers the component model.)
Adam Solove

Frontend Masters
Much more than an intro, build an entire real-world web application in layers with Brian Holt (Netflix) using React and library ecosystem like Router v4, Redux and Jest.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

RxJS is a library for composing asynchronous, event-based code around observing and handling changing values over time.
David Khourshid

Jurgen van de Moere takes an existing Angular 2+ app and refactors it into a more modular component architecture.

There’s an ECMAScript proposal for Observables ready to progress to stage 2. Nicolás Bevacqua looks at what it could bring to JavaScript.
Nicolás Bevacqua

Supports animations, themes, and interactive widgets, and makes it easy to reuse slides and styles across presentations. Live demo.


  • Senior Front-End Developer at Catawiki (Amsterdam or Assen)Our mission is to make special items available to everyone. We offer a unique opportunity to join our team and improve the experience for millions of our users with an iterative, small-step approach through A/B testing. Catawiki
  • Software Engineer, Web - Zürich, SwitzerlandCentralway is seeking an experienced programmer to come and join the team. The right candidate will be responsible for building and maintaining high performance web applications with cutting-edge technologies. Centralway Numbrs
  • Front End Engineer at VSCO (Oakland, CA)We're looking for a Front-End Engineer who can face unique challenges in implementing web designs and craft great accessibility for users. VSCO

In Brief

How setTimeout() Behavior Has Changed in Firefox news
Changes to how callbacks are scheduled are making things smoother.
Ben Kelly

testdouble.js 2.0 Released: A Great Mocking Library for JS news

Pro Ember.js: An advanced 2-day training event in Berlin course
We'll tackle progressive web apps, modular architecture patterns, performance tuning, authentication and more.
simplabs  Sponsor

Why WebAssembly is Faster Than asm.js tutorial
Alon Zakai

Communicating Sequential Processes: An Alternative to Async Generators tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

How to Create an Angular App and Add Styling with Kendo UI tutorial
Tara Manicsic

End-to-End Testing Vue.js Apps with TestCafe tutorial

Randomizing SVG Shapes with JavaScript tutorial
Chris Coyier

Writing a JavaScript Framework: The Benefits of Custom Elements tutorial
Bertalan Miklos

How to Build A Live Comment Feature using JavaScript and Pusher tutorial
Rahat Khanna

Master Fullstack Development (50% off for JS Weekly readers) course
Learn how to build full stack apps with React, Angular, Node, Django and Rails with Thinkster. Use the JS Weekly coupon before Sunday for 50% off.
Thinkster  Sponsor

console-importer: Import JS and CSS Resources from Chrome's Console tools
e.g. $i('jquery') will bring jQuery into play.

Top 5 jQuery UI Alternatives tools
Simon Codrington

React Router v4: Declarative Routing for React.js code
Don’t forget we have a React newsletter too :)

Fetch Inject: Dynamically Inline Assets Into The DOM using Fetch Injection code
Here’s an introduction and explanation.
Josh Habdas

ngx-datatable: A Full-Featured Data-Table Angular Component code
No external dependencies. Demos here.

neurojs: A Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Library code
Jan Hünermann

RxDB: A Reactive Client-Side Offline-First JavaScript Database code
Daniel M

Planck.js: A Pure JS Rewrite of Box2D's Physics Engine code
For cross-platform HTML5 game development. Demos.
Ali Shakiba