JavaScript Weekly
Issue 327 — March 23, 2017
Building desktop apps using Web technologies has never been easier. This tutorial compares NW.js and Electron and digs into the key concepts and issues.
Adam Lynch

A simple guide to building a command like tool from scratch. Like this? We have a Node newsletter as well.
Smashing Magazine

The first in a series of quarterly events where representatives of 6 popular frameworks/libraries give an update on how they’re progressing.
This Dot

Kendo UI delivers everything you need to build modern web applications under tight deadlines - from the must-haves Data Grids & DropDowns to Spreadsheet & Scheduler. Choose from 70+ UI components and combine them to create beautiful, responsive apps.
Progress   Sponsor

jQuery 3.2.0 was released quickly followed by 3.2.1. One new feature is support for custom CSS properties, demonstrated here.
jQuery Foundation

A compiler for typed JavaScript, using OCaml as the target runtime and leaning on an OCaml implementation of JavaScript’s builtins.
Facebook Experimental

nginScript is a unique JavaScript implementation for the NGINX Web server that lets you more easily play with dynamic load-balancing, logging, request parsing, etc.

Todd Motto runs through some of the considerations you should review when planning to build an application using Angular (aka Angular 2 and above).
Telerik Developer Network


In Brief

Ember 2.12 and 2.13 Beta Released news
This release kicks off the 2.13 beta cycle for all sub-projects.

Insights From Stack Overflow’s Survey of 64,000 Developers news
Full stack JavaScript seems to be leading the way.
Quincy Larson

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing — A Simple Guided Tour tutorial
Martin Splitt

Magical JavaScript Tips Every Developer Should Remember tutorial
Tarun Gupta

React is Slow, React is Fast: Optimizing React Apps in Practice tutorial
François Zaninotto

An Overview of an ES Proposal for Arbitrary Precision Integers tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Creating a Book Cover Using JavaScript and p5.js tutorial
Engin Arslan

Encoding Text as Unicode Clock Faces tutorial
A slightly out-of-left-field piece from Axel :-)
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

You Know How to Code, but How Are Your Design Skills? course
Learn UI & UX design through part-time, online courses with 1-on-1 mentorship from expert designers.
Designlab  Sponsor

React Conf 2017: The Full Recorded Stream video
Day 2 here.

ASTs for Beginners video
An hour long JavaScript-oriented intro to abstract syntax tree concepts.
Kent C Dodds

react-sourcerer: A Linting Framework Built in React video
Merrick Christensen

Master Fullstack Development course
Learn how to build full stack apps with React, Angular, Node, Django and Rails with Thinkster.
Thinkster  Sponsor

JavaScript vs. Python in 2017 opinion
Michael Bolin

5 Vim Plugins I Can’t Live Without for JavaScript Development tools
Peter Piekarczyk

Chart.js: Simple, Flexible HTML5 Canvas Charts tools

Maybe: A Type That Wraps Optional Values code
Alexander Jarvis

moveTo: A Dependency-Free Scroll Animation JavaScript Library code
Hasan Aydoğdu