JavaScript Weekly
Issue 329 — April 7, 2017

We found too many releases were happening on Thursdays so JavaScript Weekly has moved back to Fridays :-) We're also working on a redesign and would love if you could anonymously share your opinions here - all feedback welcomed.
- Peter Cooper, editor

A look at new regex features introduced in ES6 or later, including the y, u and s flags, named capture groups, and look-behind assertions.
Nicolás Bevacqua

A practical, code-led look at how Glimmer provides the benefits of Ember’s fast rendering engine and sturdy tools without having to buy into the whole ecosystem.
Tristan Edwards

Opinion pieces are a dime-a-dozen but this shows some real insight and technical considerations. It also spawned a Hacker News discussion.
Jeff Schnitzer

Frontend Masters
A free, thorough and open source guide anyone could use to learn about the practice of front-end development.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

Facebook merged a huge pull request into React that replaced its build process with one based on Rollup and not Webpack. But why?
Rich Harris

A fast 3KB React alternative with the same API. 8.0 boasts significant performance improvements, smaller size, and fewer edge cases. 8.0.1 is the latest release.
Jason Miller

A cross-platform app including a simulator and integrated Node server.
Bita Djaghouri, Jin Choi, Mark Marcelo

It's in Chrome Canary only for now, but it shows you which lines were and weren’t used in each JavaScript and CSS file.


In Brief

EmberConf 2017: State of the Union news
Now 5 years old, a look at both Ember’s history and future.
Tom Dale, Yehuda Katz, Godfrey Chan

Angular Attack: A 48-Hour Online Angular Hackathon (April 22-23) news
Angular Attack

How 3575 Developers Debug Their Front-End JavaScript 
console.log wins but is less popular than in a similar poll a year ago.

Easily Add GIFs to Any Realtime Chat App tutorial
You can’t hide from them. GIFs are everywhere. Easily add Giphy GIFs to your app.
PubNub  Sponsor

Everything You Need to Know About Change Detection in Angular tutorial
Maxim Koretskyi

11 Ways to Invoke a Function tutorial
Think of any more? Leave a comment.
Alexander Myshov

Using Pipes in Angular tutorial
How to use the new pipes functionality that replaces filters from Angular 1.
Burke Holland

How to Deal with Unhandled Promise Rejections tutorial node
Valeri Karpov

How to Create a (Very Simple) Reddit Client with Angular 4 tutorial
Ashraff Hathibelagal

Build More & Save More with API Mocking 
Sandbox - API Mocking Software  Sponsor

Why You Should Make Desktop Apps with Electron (in 5 Minutes) video
Matt Andrews

Brendan Eich Talks WebAssembly podcast
Brendan Eich on his involvement with the WebAssembly specification. 1h24m.
Software Engineering Daily

JavaScript Frameworks: A Futile Attempt At Objectivity opinion
A personal view of the current state of JavaScript frameworks.
Matt Burgess

eslint-plugin-security: ESLint Rules for Node Security tools node
Helps to identify potential security hotspots.
The Node Security Platform

Adaptive Live and VoD 360 Streaming in HTML5 on Desktop and Mobile tools
Stream your VR and 360 video with Netflix quality to all major devices using adaptive streaming (DASH and HLS).
Bitmovin  Sponsor

Tippy.js: A Fancier but Pure JS Tooltip Library code
Extends Popper.js (featured last week) with theming, effects, & support for complex popovers.

Embedo: A Modern Social Media Embed Plugin code
For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest content.
Shobhit Sharma

SweetAlert2: An Accessible (WAI-ARIA) Replacement for JS Alerts code

BitArray.js: A Memory Efficient Implementation of Bit Flag Arrays code
Packs booleans into Uint32Arrays for efficiency.
Brock Whittaker

Glamorous: React Component Styling Solved code

UTIF.js: A Small and Fast TIFF Decoder in Pure JS code
TIFF is an arcane yet still encountered image format.