JavaScript Weekly
Issue 328 — March 30, 2017
Glimmer’s fast components can be used outside of Ember but could also provide an easy way to gradually pick up the framework. There’s a great intro video.
Ember.js Project

A fun journey into the world of fractals, starting from an empty canvas and going through the math and logic involved in rendering a Mandlebrot set of your own.
Jeff Fowler

4.0.0 (‘invisible-makeover’) is here. Backwards compatible with Angular 2 and most apps will port straight over unless they use animations. Also learn why it's 4.0 and not 3.0.
Stephen Fluin

Find out how Wijmo’s advanced UI components can help you to create an Angular application quickly and efficiently – we take you through step-by-step.
GrapeCity   Sponsor

Some straightforward examples of using ES2016's async/await vs promises. async/await are natively supported in Node 7.6, as well as via Babel.
Mostafa Gaafar

A crash course in DOM manipulation with vanilla JavaScript, using methods like querySelectorAll and addEventListener.
Sebastian Seitz

Iterators can be written using generators which can lead to an interesting use case.
Nicolás Bevacqua

Elegant and well documented, with many examples on the homepage. No dependencies.
Federico Zivolo

Over in Node Weekly we covered Next.js 2.0, a look back at left-pad, and what 'const' stands for in ES6.
Node Weekly


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In Brief

A New Proposed Policy on JS Dialogs for Chromium news
“the Chromium team highly recommends that you not use JavaScript dialogs”

Pluralsight Releases 'Getting Started with Ember 2' Course news

77% of Sites Use At Least 1 Vulnerable JS Library news

Using Source Maps to Debug Errors tutorial
Let's talk JavaScript Source Maps. What are they? How can you enable source mapping? Why aren't they working?
ROLLBAR  Sponsor

Tuning Angular's Change Detection tutorial
Juri Strumpflohner

Maybe You Should Use 'Maybes' to Wrap Optional Values tutorial
Alexander Jarvis

Creating an Angular 2 Injectable Service tutorial
Compares creating and registering services in Angular 1.x vs 2+.
Todd Motto

Creating Mondrian-Style Grid Paintings with JavaScript tutorial
Max Halford

How to build a ‘who’s typing’ feature in JavaScript tutorial
We'll walk you through how to build a 'who's typing' feature in a chat app using Pusher with JavaScript.
Pusher  Sponsor

Dr. Axel's JavaScript Coding and Style Tips (2014) video
A golden oldie.
Axel Rauschmayer

JavaScript Framework Battle: ‘Hello World’ in Each CLI opinion
A look at how framework command-line interfaces compare to each other.
Shane Osbourne

5 ES8 Features and A Wishlist for ES9 opinion
Dylan Schiemann

Fuel: A Beta/In-Progress React-Compatible Virtual DOM Implementation tools
Taketoshi Aono

Polished: A Lightweight Toolset for Writing Styles in JavaScript tools
Maximilian Stoiber

Choices: Configurable Select Box and Text Input (without jQuery) code
Similar to Select2 and Selectize but without the jQuery dependency.
Joshua Jackson

FSM-as-Promised: A Finite State Machine Library built on ES6 Promises code
Vlad Stirbu

D3-Node: Server-Side D3 for Static Chart/Map Generation code

TypeScript Example Boilerplate Demonstrating a Modern Tool Pipeline code
“TypeScript + Visual Studio Code + Jest + Yarn + TypeDoc = Eternal bliss”
Mark Bauermeister