JavaScript Weekly
Issue 342 — July 7, 2017

July 4th made this week a bit of a quiet one in the JavaScript world and we dug extra deep. A huge thanks to everyone who submitted articles and projects directly to us. If you want to suggest items for future issues, tweet us @JavaScriptDaily or send a reply to any issue and we'll check it out :-)

Your editor,
Peter Cooper (@peterc)

British design studio Hive has collected together guidelines for working on JS projects.

Reddit felt that TypeScript was the best option for typed front-end development.

A powerful React-based static site generator. v1 can integrate with CMSs like Wordpress, and Drupal, and supports route-based code splitting, service workers, offline support, etc.
Kyle Mathews

Component IO
Building with reusable, isolated components will make your work clean & maintainable. Component IO offers ready-to-use website components that work everywhere. Use the live online content & code editor to improve your workflow.
Component IO   Sponsor

Provides React’s component-based UI building experience, but for command line-style apps. An intriguing idea.
Vadim Demedes

Bring the power of embedded videos to D3 visualizations.
Michals, Worrel and Nunns

Brian Terlson and Sebastian Markbåge

An interesting new Babel plugin to pre-evaluate code at build time (perhaps to dynamically bring in content from files to other code). Kent also recorded a video of him building it.
Kent C. Dodds


In Brief

'Prettier' Code Formatter Reaches Version 1.5 news
Introduces GraphQL, CSS-in-JS and JSON support.

7 Ways To Define A Component Template in Vue.js tutorial
Anthony Gore

Experimenting with the Background Fetch API tutorial
Phil Nash

Pattern Matching with TypeScript tutorial
Manuel Alabor

Intro to 'date-fns', a Lightweight JS Date Library tutorial
A simple, functional alternative to Moment.js.

Building a Realtime Dashboard Powered by Laravel and Vue.js tutorial
Freek Van der Herten

Why Use SemVer / Semantic Versioning? opinion
And how it has ‘changed the way we write JavaScript’.
The npm Blog

Comparing and Contrasting React and Angular opinion
Dan Halverson

8 Habits of a Happy Node Hacker (2017 Edition) opinion
Just in case you’re not a Node Weekly reader :-)
Jeremy Morrell

A much faster way to debug code than with breakpoints or console.log tools
This wallaby.js feature allows to inspect the result of any JavaScript expression execution in your editor.
Wallaby.js  Sponsor

Evan You on the State of Vue in 2017 video

How to Get Started and Build Something with GraphQL video
Xavier Cazalot

14 'Live Search' jQuery Plugins tools

bundlesize: Keep Your Bundle Size in Check tools
Siddharth Kshetrapal

webpack-common-shake: A CommonJS Tree Shaker Plugin for WebPack tools
Fedor Indutny

Spend less time coding, more time shipping 🚀 tools
Build interactive features, like notifications, in minutes with just a few lines of code.
Pusher  Sponsor

math-random-polyfill: A 'More Random' Browser Polyfill for Math.random() code
David Anson

consolemock: A Small Dev Utility for Testing Console Logs code
Thomas Marek

share-this: Medium-like Text Selection Sharing Without Dependencies code
Massimo Artizzu

Try Codeship Basic: Simple hosted CI that works out of the box tools
Codeship  Sponsor