JavaScript Weekly
Issue 346 — August 4, 2017
Around 40 examples of ‘quirky’ JavaScript code with unexpected results or outcomes. Mostly interesting to learn about odd edge cases.
Denys Dovhan

Get the VS Code experience in your browser. Introductory post here.
Eric Simons

In beta until the release of Chrome 61, 6.1 has a smaller binary, includes some significant performance improvements when iterating over maps and sets, and asm.js code is now transpiled to WebAssembly.
Mathias Bynens

Sencha, Inc
Multi-directional scrolling with a fixed header, paging, grouping and editing data in cells are just a few of the capabilities of the ExtReact grid. Try ExtReact for free to see how easy it is to add the grid and many other components into your apps.
Sencha, Inc   Sponsor

Nuxt.js is a framework for bringing server-side rendering (SSR) to your Vue.js apps, similar to how Next.js does with React.
Olayinka Omole

Adopting a more functional approach let the author stop using bits of JavaScript he didn’t like.
Joel Thoms

A practical introduction to service workers (scripts that run in the background separate from a Web page context) and how to easily create one using Ember.
Adnan Chowdhury


In Brief

TypeScript's Type System is Turing Complete news
Henning Dieterichs

webpack Awarded $125,000 By Mozilla news
To implement first-class support for WebAssembly.
Sean T. Larkin

Register for the Polymer Summit in Copenhagen on 22-23 August news
Learn more about the talks and workshops at this year's Polymer Summit, and see who our amazing speakers are.
Google, Inc.  Sponsor

W3C Launches a WebAssembly Working Group news
Bradley Nelson

Machine Learning Comes to Your Browser with JavaScript news
With a new JS library that runs Google’s TensorFlow in the browser.

A Look at the 'Null Propagation Operator' Proposal tutorial
Provides an alternative to endless null checks.
Nicolás Bevacqua

Creating Custom Inputs with Vue.js tutorial
Understand how v-model works on native inputs and custom components.
Joseph Zimmerman

A Reintroduction to 'this' in JavaScript tutorial
Zell Liew

Build your first JavaScript, Android, or iOS app with MongoDB Stitch tutorial
Get started with the beta release of MongoDB's backend-as-a-service with step-by-step tutorials and sample apps.
MONGODB  Sponsor

How the Proposed 'Class Fields' for JavaScript Would Work tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

D3 in Depth: An Intermediate Guide to Building D3 Visualizations tutorial
Peter Cook

JavaScript Riddles for Fun and Profit video
Poses a series of ever more challenging JavaScript riddles and brain-teasers.
Dan Shappir

Use const Until You Have to Use let opinion
Vince Campanale

Why We Broke Our Philosophical Vows to Bring You CircleCI 2.0 story
CircleCI  Sponsor

Vuestic: A New Vue.js-Powered Admin Dashboard code
Demo here.

Express Gateway: A Microservice API Gateway Built on Express code node

Turf: A Modular (Geo)Spatial Analysis Engine code
Morgan Herlocker

Glamorous v4 Released: CSS Styling for React Components code
Kent C. Dodds

ProseMirror: A Toolkit for Building Rich-Text Editors for the Web code
Marijn Haverbeke