JavaScript Weekly
Issue 347 — August 11, 2017
@std/esm is a spec-compliant ES module loader for Node 4+ allowing you to transition more smoothly from CommonJS.
John-David Dalton

Some approaches for sharing data between callbacks (which each have their own scope).
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Frontend Masters
Join Kyle Simpson, author of the popular “You Don’t Know JavaScript” book series, as he deep dives into JavaScript's core mechanics like scope, closure, this and prototypes new features in ES6 and more.
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The stable release of Next.js v3.0 arrived this week, bringing with it dynamic import support, static export support, code splitting and more.
Arunoda Susiripala and Tim Neutkens

A complete walkthrough of bringing together browsers’ speech recognition support with Node and a third party natural language processing service.
Tomomi Imura

A look at how one library achieves the irksome ‘pop under’ effect in Chrome 59, where others seemingly fail.


In Brief

Next js13kGames Gamedev Competition Starts This Sunday news
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6 Ways to Detect Chrome Headless tutorial
If you want to detect bots or scrapers, say.
Antoine Vastel

How To Get Started with V8 Development? tutorial
Franziska Hinkelmann

Closing Iterables is a Leaky Abstraction tutorial
Reg Braithwaite

How Angular Protects Us From XSS Attacks tutorial
Dor Moshe

The Consequences of Frozen Prototypes on V8 tutorial
Benedikt Meurer

How To Build a GitHub Search UI with React tutorial
Divyanshu Maithani

Aggregating Cherry-Picked Lodash Methods In An App Module tutorial
Ben Nadel

A Look at the ES proposal for 'Promise.try()' tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

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Why You Should Use PureScript opinion
A functional language that compiles to JavaScript.
Phil Freeman

An Angular Performance Checklist video
Minko Gechev

Britecharts 2.0 Released tools
Britecharts is Eventbrite’s D3.js component-based charting library.
Marcos Iglesias

DisplayJS: A Lightweight JS Framework for Building Ambitious UIs tools
Arthur Guiot

Realtime updates on web and mobile that just work 
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Nano ID: Tiny, Secure URL-Friendly Unique String ID Generator code
Andrey Sitnik

Posterus: Composable Async Primitives ('Futures') with True Cancelation code
Nelo Mitranim

Ream: A Framework for Building Universal Vue.js Apps code