JavaScript Weekly
Issue 352 — September 15, 2017
.. and how to handle 4 common memory leaks. A good primer for anyone not familiar with the depths of memory management.
Alexander Zlatkov

babel-macros is a new Babel plugin for implementing zero-config, importable code transformations.
Kent C. Dodds

V8’s latest branch is in beta until its release in Chrome 61 and it’s packed with developer-facing goodies including extra performance, more regex features, and an increased max string length.
Mathias Bynens

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“If you’re interested in predicting the future of the web, just look at what high-performance native systems look like, then figure out how we can apply those ideas in the browser.”
Tom Dale

“It makes far more sense to write modules that directly use new browser APIs and polyfill for Node.js and older browsers when necessary.”
Mikeal Rogers

An interesting glimpse ‘under the hood’ of Chrome’s JavaScript engine for a specific array-oriented optimization.
Mathias Bynens

Are you an Angular dev looking to get started with React? If so, join Mark Brown for a guided tour of the differences and similarities.


In Brief

What's New in Node 8.5? news
Node 8.5.0 was released this week.
RisingStack Engineering

Planning for Babel 7.0: What's Happening news
Henry Zhu

Using ES Modules Natively in Node.js tutorial
Starting with v8.5 Node can support ES modules natively.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Get to Know The Actor Model in JS tutorial
A gentle introduction to the foundational concepts.
Roberto Dip

HTML Templates via ES6 Template Literals tutorial
Chris Coyier

How to Create A 'Favorite' Animation with Anime-js tutorial
Mikael Ainalem

View and Remove JS Event Listeners in Chrome DevTools tutorial
Umar Hansa

How to Improve Webpack Performance in Large Projects tutorial
Slides and audio, but the post includes some written tips as well.
Robert Gay

Building an Accessible Data Grid 
Take a look at how Wijmo made FlexGrid accessible with ARIA standards and more.
GrapeCity Wijmo  Sponsor

4 Tips for Retaining Strong-Typing in Tests with TypeScript opinion
Just In Time Coder

What I Love and Hate About Flow opinion
Flow is a static type checker for JavaScript.
Chris Grimes

A Brief, Incomplete History of JavaScript story
Where did things start and how did we get to where we are now?
Christopher Buecheler

Advanced Dependency Injection Without Classes video
Fun Fun Function

Size Limit: Prevent JS Library Bloat tools
If you accidentally add a huge dependency, Size Limit will throw an error.
Andrey Sitnik

Create Beautiful, Dynamic React Apps with a Single Component Library - Try ExtReact for Free Today 
Sencha, Inc.  Sponsor

Classwrap: A JS Utility for Conditionally Concatenating Class Names code
Jorge Bucaran

p-progress: Create A Promise That Reports Progress code
Sindre Sorhus

words-to-numbers: Convert Textual Words to Numbers with Fuzzy Text Matching code
Finn Fitzsimons

jquery-punchcard: jQuery Plugin for Creating GitHub Punchcard-Like Graphs code
Menelaos Vergis

Power, Flexibility, and Control with CircleCI 2.0 
CircleCI  Sponsor