JavaScript Weekly
Issue 354 — September 29, 2017
The final release of React 16 is here, with rewritten ‘Fiber’ internals. There’s a lot more React 16 stuff in today’s React Status newsletter.
Facebook Code

Recently, there have been some issues involving patent-related features, but Facebook is now moving some of its projects to a standard MIT license.
Facebook Code

JavaScript telemetry gives a timeline of browser events leading to an error, including interaction events, like clicks, inputs, navigation and console messages + more. Debug better w/ telemetry and know why your app crashed.
ROLLBAR   Sponsor

Draggable abstracts native browser events into a modular API for you to build custom, and potentially complex, drag and drop experiences.

Learning by building in action in this step-by-step tutorial to help you understand how Promises work.
Trey Huffine

Wissam Abirached explains context and the this keyword in JavaScript, the difference between explicit and hard bindings and what the new keyword represents.
Telerik Developer Network

It’s pitched at being an ideal step up for developers comfortable with jQuery who want to move on to something else.
Mateusz Łuczak

Speakers Holly Schinsky & Jen Looper will be covering Vue & Preact next Thursday (Oct 5).
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In Brief

BigInt: A Proposal for Arbitrary Precision Integers in JS news
Ecma TC39

Write Less Code, Use More Tools 
Our outrageous decision to orchestrate Nomad with Kubernetes.
CircleCI  Sponsor

A Brief History of Modularity in JavaScript tutorial
Nicolás Bevacqua

ES6 Promises: Patterns and Anti-Patterns tutorial
Bobby Brennan

Exploring set(), get() and Object.defineProperty() in TypeScript tutorial
Todd Motto

Why Node 8's util.promisify Is So Awesome tutorial node
James Jeffery

Love fraud? You’re going to hate Blockchain 
SitePen  Sponsor

Web Truths: JavaScript Can’t Be Trusted opinion
Christian Heilmann

The Past, Present, and Future of the Angular CLI story
Stephen Fluin

ECMAScript, TC39, and the History of JavaScript video
Tyler McGinnis

Rapid prototyping playground for JavaScript in your editor 
Run any code and see the results immediately right in your editor. Supports VS Code, Atom and JetBrains IDEs.
Wallaby.js  Sponsor

CheerpJ, a Java to JavaScript Compiler, Now in Beta tools
Compile unmodified Java apps to JS for running in the browser.
Leaning Tech

Cerebral: Declarative State and Side Effects Management for JS Frameworks code
An intriguing idea, at least.
Christian Alfoni

Cherow: A Fast, TypeScript-Based JavaScript Parser code

Slack JS 9.0.0: A JS Client for Slack's Web API code
Brian Leroux

vue-a11y-calendar: An Accessible, Internationalized Vue Calendar code

ppipe: Pipes Values Through Functions code
An alternative to using the proposed ‘pipe’ operator for ES.
Yavuz Ege Özcan

Sheet: A Simple Spreadsheet in 220 Bytes of HTML and JS code