JavaScript Weekly
Issue 355 — October 6, 2017
A tutorial that explains the new await/async features in ES2016 for more easily working with asynchronous functions.
Nikolay Grozev

The Ember.js core team is busy at work on the latest version of Ember, due next year, and they explan what they’re working on here.
Matthew Beale

Frontend Masters
Get up and running in a hurry with the Vue.js JavaScript framework. Learn how to build and maintain complex applications quickly and efficiently in this practical guide to Vue.js by Sarah Drasner.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

Ahmed Bouchefra takes a look at Preact, a lightweight React alternative that’s well suited to high-performance apps and slow 2G networks.
Ahmed Bouchefra

A deep dive into a recently implemented V8 performance improvement oriented around how functions are optimized and deoptimized.
Juliana Franco

All natively supported in this week’s npm v5.5 release.
The npm Blog

Proxies, introduced in ES2015/ES6, make it easy to intercepting fundamental operations on objects and customize their behavior. There has been a lot of effort recently to optimize them in V8.
Maya Lekova


In Brief

TypeScript Turns 5 Years Old news

Winners of the Recent js13kGames Gamedev Contest news
It’s amazing what can be done in such little space.

Announcing Assert(js) – An all JavaScript Testing Conference news
OK GROW!  Sponsor

The Many Faces of 'this' in JavaScript tutorial
Michał Witkowski

Asynchronous Stack Traces: Why 'await' Beats .then() tutorial
Mathias Bynens

How to Run ESLint on File Save in IntelliJ, VS Code and Sublime Text tutorial
Tomasz Netczuk

Publishing What You Mean to Publish on npm tutorial
You only want to share as much as you intend in an npm package.
Adam Baldwin

Instant JavaScript test execution results right in your editor tools
Wallaby runs your tests as you type and displays code coverage, error & console messages inside your code editor.
Wallaby.js  Sponsor

Building a Mental Model for Precedence and the 'new' Operator tutorial
Ben Nadel

Supercharging Frontend Development with VS Code tutorial
Zach Silveira

Getting Your Head Around Vue.js Scoped Slots tutorial
Anthony Gore

Lessons From Migrating A Large Codebase to React 16 story
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Discord Blog

Using Default Parameters in ES6 video
Tyler McGinnis

Polyfills vs Compiling with Babel video
Tyler McGinnis

Proactively detect 🕵️ and diagnose JavaScript errors affecting your users tools
Debug JS apps with fully deminified stacktraces. Get tools to reduce front-end noise so you can assess impact.
Bugsnag  Sponsor

Falcor 1.0 Released: An Efficient Data Fetching Library code

a11y-dialog: A Very Lightweight and Flexible Accessible Modal Dialog code

Vuera: Use Vue Components in React, and React Components in Vue code
Alexander Komarov

CsvBuilder: Encode JSON Objects to CSV with a Schema-Like API code
Nick Pisacane