JavaScript Weekly
Issue 364 — December 8, 2017
In this introductory article, Parcel’s creator explains how it solves key problems with existing bundlers like Browserify and Webpack: performance and complex configs.
Devon Govett

A perennial topic, but Dr. Axel has an interesting take on it that might clarify your thinking on how the this keyword works.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Two and a half hours of new (beginner and advanced) React material are now available for free on Egghead.
Kent C. Dodds

Your solution for modern charting and visualization needs. ZingChart is fully featured, integrates with popular JS frameworks, and has a robust API with endless customization options. Get started with a free download.
ZingChart   Sponsor

The latest (minor) version of Angular is here, plus Angular CLI 1.6 and the first stable release of Angular Material.
Stephen Fluin

JavaScript was first announced this week 22 years ago, but who was singing its praises in its earliest form?
Chris Brandrick

Not ready for Parcel (above)? Here you can learn the basics of Webpack and how to configure it for your web application.
Prosper Otemuyiwa


In Brief

A Frontend Developer’s Guide to GraphQL tutorial
A very gentle introduction if GraphQL seems confusing.
CSS Tricks

Creating Neural Networks in JS with deeplearn.js tutorial
Robin Wieruch

'await' vs 'return' vs 'return await': Picking The Right One tutorial
Jake Archibald

How TypeScript 2.4's Weak Type Detection Helps You Avoid Bugs tutorial
Marius Schulz

Creating a Heatmap of Your Location History with JS & Google Maps tutorial
Brandon Morelli

Getting to Know the JavaScript Internationalization API tutorial
A cursory introduction.
Netanel Basal

`for-await-of` and Synchronous Iterables tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

How to Cancel Promises tutorial
Seva Zaikov

Learn Everything About AWS’ New Container Products 
AWS ECS vs. AWS EKS vs. AWS Fargate - confused? Learn more in our latest blog post.
Codeship  Sponsor

6 Developers Reflect on JavaScript in 2017 opinion
Tools like Prettier, Jest, and Next.js get big shoutouts.
Sacha Greif

Angular... It’s You, Not Me: A Breakup Letter opinion
Dan Ward

Will The Future of JavaScript Be Less JavaScript? opinion
Daniel Borowski

JavaScript Metaprogramming: ES6 Proxy Use and Abuse video
Eirik Vullum

Use SQL in MongoDB? But of Course You Can. We'll Show You How. 
And there's so much more to discover. But see for yourself - Download it for 14 days here.
Studio 3T  Sponsor

jsvu: JavaScript (Engine) Version Updater tools
A tool for installing new JavaScript engines without compiling them.

Reshader: A Library to Get Shades of Colors code
Guilherme Oderdenge

Muuri: A JS Layout Engine for Responsive and Sortable Grid Layouts code
There’s a live demo here.

Unistore: A 650 Byte State Container with Component Actions for Preact code
Jason Miller

Lowdb: A Small Local JSON Database Powered by Lodash code
Supports Node, Electron and the browser.

🚀 View and Annotate PDFs inside your Web App in No Time 
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