JavaScript Weekly
Issue 365 — December 15, 2017
The results of the annual ‘State of JavaScript’ survey are here, this time with over 28,000 developers taking part. See what tools are most popular in numerous categories.

A large curated collection of useful bits of JavaScript code you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
Angelos Chalaris

Thousands of organizations rely on Datadog to monitor 200+ technologies. With features including built-in dashboards, algorithmic alerts, and end-to-end request tracing, Datadog helps teams monitor their entire stack all in one place. Try it free.
Datadog   Sponsor

An in-progress experiment for using a JS-inspired alternative syntax for WebAssembly to write to as ‘close to the metal’ as possible.
Arthur Buldauskas

v1.2 is out now and adds bubble charts, pattern filling, image exports, and more.
Jae Sung Park

Think PostCSS but for HTML and XML (which brings formats like SVG into play too). Check out the examples and plugins available.

Mix tweens, physics, & user inputs to create elegant Web-based interactions - all in 11KB.


In Brief

JS Foundation Brings Fully Serverless Applications to the Masses news
architect and Marko are gaining more integrations with each other.
Kris Borchers

50% Off 'Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja' eBook Today news
Manning Publications

Assert(js) Testing Conf Holiday Promo - 20% Off All Tickets 🎁 news
Use code JSWEEKLY on check-out and get 20% off the regular ticket price. Code expires Dec 31.
OK GROW  Sponsor

A Look At V8's Native JavaScript Code Coverage Support tutorial
Jakob Gruber

The Difference Between 'map' and 'forEach' Array Methods tutorial
Brandon Morelli

Arrays, Symbols, and Realms tutorial
Why type checking fails across iframes, and what Array.isArray actually does.
Jake Archibald

Finally Understand Redux by Building Your Own Store tutorial
Todd Motto

Capturing and Reporting User Interactions for Better Debugging tutorial
David Gilbertson

A Guide to Automating and Scraping the Web tutorial
.. using Headless Chrome, Puppeteer, and Node.js.
Brandon Morelli

So, You Learned JavaScript — Now What? opinion
Christian Heilmann

How Is React Different from Vue? opinion
An informative article explaining some of the similarities and differences between React and Vue.
John Hannah

Wijmo TypeScript UI Controls Support Angular 5. No Dependencies tools
Wijmo’s UI components include Angular v5 support, full IntelliSense, and the best JS grid available.
GrapeCity Wijmo  Sponsor

Microbundle: A Zero-Configuration Bundler for Tiny Modules tools
Jason Miller

octohint: A Browser Extension That Adds 'IntelliSense' to GitHub tools
A cross-browser extension for more easily skimming through code on GitHub.

Introducing Nexus.js: A Multi-Threaded JavaScript Runtime tools
Based on WebKit’s JavaScriptCore, Nexus is based around a thread pool instead of an event loop.
Abdullah Ali

vue-inspector: A Vue.js Inspector Specifically for Mobile Devices tools
Cali Rojas

The 9 Best JavaScript Charting Libraries tools
A collection of JavaScript libraries for data visualization.
Anton Shaleynikov

Neutrino V8 Released: Webpack + Presets = Zero-Config Power tools
Eli Perelman

🚀 Add PDF Support to Your Web App in No Time tools
PSPDFKit  Sponsor

Emittery: A Simple, Modern Async Event Emitter code
Sindre Sorhus

on-change: Watch an Object or Array for Changes code
Sindre Sorhus

tweet-parser: Parse Tweets Into Arrays of Entities code
Jack Franklin