JavaScript Weekly
Issue 368 — January 12, 2018
..rather than relying on automatic semicolon insertion, as future language developments may affect the situations where ASI works. Brendan Eich signalled his dissent, causing some debate - with many thinking TC39 could recommend the use of a linter instead.
Ecma TC39

Every now and then, a new framework pops up claiming it will revolutionize development. Until the next one. Stack Overflow looks at such lifecycles based on questions asked on its service.
Ian Allen

Nerv bills itself as a tinier, faster React alternative and has browser compatibility as a particular focus, supporting right back to IE8.
Li Weitao

Automate the software development process using continuous integration and continuous delivery so you can focus on what matters: building great things, not waiting for great things to build.
CircleCI   Sponsor

Kyle Simpson’s written an interesting book that takes a pragmatic look at functional programming concepts in JavaScript. And, yes, you can read it all on GitHub.
Kyle Simpson

A gentle, but thorough, walkthrough of writing good React and Redux code and, crucially, the why behind each step.
James Sinclair

Moves a module into a Web Worker, automatically reflecting exported functions as asynchronous proxies. There’s workerize-loader for Webpack users, too.
Jason Miller

Works with GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) but can be extended with your own extensions. Supports all major browsers (IE10+). GitHub repo.
NHN Entertainment


In Brief

Webpack 4 to Work 'Configless' by Default news
Inspired by Parcel’s approach.
John-David Dalton on Twitter

JSON Tree Shaking Landing in Webpack 4.0 news
It’s shaping up to be an interesting release.

6 Tiny But Awesome ES7 + ES8 Features tutorial
David Walsh

Building a Real Time Chat App From Scratch using TypeScript tutorial
Luis Aviles

Build Your First Vue.js Component tutorial
Sarah Dayan

An Introduction to Algebraic Data Types and Structural Pattern Matching in TypeScript tutorial
Erin Swenson-Healey

Learn How to Visualize Your Time Series Data With InfluxDB & Rickshaw tutorial
Visualize your time series data from the fastest growing open source TSDB.
InfluxData  Sponsor

5 Traps to Avoid While Unit Testing Vue.js tutorial
Aurélien Bottazini

Googlebot's JavaScript random() Function is Deterministic story
Probably not useful, but an interesting quirk.
Tom Anthony

Things to Consider When Choosing a Database for Your JavaScript App 
Not all JSON support is created equal.
mongodb  Sponsor

ngrev: Tool for Reverse Engineering/Navigating Angular Projects tools
Minko Gechev

InfiniteGrid: Arrange Card Elements Infinitely on a Grid Layout code
GitHub repo.

Polythene: A Material Design Component Library for Mithril and React code
Arthur Clemens

match-sorter: Simple, Expected, & Deterministic Best-Match Array Sorting code
Kent C. Dodds

SweetAlert: Attractive Modal Popup Alerts/Messages code

KaTeX: Fast Math Typesetting for the Web code
Easy-to-use library for TeX math rendering on the web.
Khan Academy

JavaScript Test Results Displayed Inline in Your Editor as You Type 
Wallaby.js  Sponsor

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