JavaScript Weekly
Issue 369 — January 19, 2018
It’s a roundup post, but what a roundup post! John Hannah walks through 52 JavaScript frameworks of various types and touches on their pros, cons, and distinctive features.
John Hannah

webpack is a great tool for bundling frontend assets but it’s worth knowing what to do when it starts to get bogged down.
Rowan Oulton

A reintroduction to asynchronous JavaScript, explaining why you should now be using async/await functions.
Demir Selmanovic

Frontend Masters
Learn the patterns to manage state across large React applications. Take a tour through the popular approaches and libraries to state management like Flux, Redux, MobX, Redux Thunks and Redux Sagas in this new course by Steve Kinney.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

One of the creators of react-beautiful-dnd goes in-depth on how they radically improved the performance of the latest version.
Alex Reardon

In short, yes, and while it’s not something that’s useful in itself, it’s fun to think outside the box and look under the hood (we think..).
Stack Overflow

Firefox 58 includes a new 2-tiered compiler which boasts a huge speedup for WebAssembly users. How? Why? All is explained here.
Lin Clark

A look at what JS projects were hot or not in 2017 based on their GitHub star counts.
Michael Rambeau


In Brief

Announcing TypeScript 2.7 RC news

Angular 5.2 Released news
And a look at what’s new.
Stephen Fluin

Vuejs Amsterdam 16th Feb - Largest Vue.js Conference In The World news
Join Evan You, Sarah Drasner, Core Team and 700+ Vue.js enthusiasts. Part of Frontend Developer Love.
Frontend Developer Love  Sponsor

Using a Virtual DOM with Backbone Views tutorial
Backbone is mature and well used but this approach can make your Backbone views become more modern and reactive.
JC Brand

Running Untrusted JS as a SaaS Is Hard, But.. tutorial
Running untrusted code is a security nightmare, but it can be done.
Tim Nolet

Writing JS Apps for a Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch tutorial
Not a bad place to start with ‘wearable’ development.
Charles Grugan

Implementing Tic-Tac-Toe with Vue.js tutorial
Elliott Draper

A Tiny Guide to Creating Babel Plugins tutorial
Philip Dexter

Transitioning Your Marionette App to React tutorial
Marionette is a framework heavily used in the Backbone world.
Michael Sholty

null vs. undefined in JavaScript tutorial
Brandon Morelli

Setting up Prettier in an Angular CLI Project tutorial
Victor Mejia

Understanding the Difference Between JSON Support in Postgres & MongoDB 
Explore database options for your next JavaScript app.
mongodb  Sponsor

Jarvis: An Intelligent Browser-Based Webpack Dashboard tools
Zouhir Chahoud

webpack Plugin to Remove Unused Moment.js Locales tools
Ivan Akulov

Design, Develop & Test Your Web Apps with Sencha Ext JS - Try it Free tools
Sencha, Inc.  Sponsor

A Guide to SurveyJS, a JavaScript Survey Library code
Create multi-step Web-based survey flows.

Bulb: A Reactive Programming Library for JavaScript code
Introduces a ‘signal’ data type which can represent any time-varying source of values.
Josh Bassett

JSON-dry: Serialize Objects with Circular Refs, Dates, Regexes, Class Instances, and More code
Jelle De Loecker

Wobble: Spring Physics Library Modelling a Damped Harmonic Oscillator code
A demo may help here.
Adam Miskiewicz

webshot-factory: Web Screenshots at Scale Based on Headless Chrome code
Ashish Shubham