JavaScript Weekly
Issue 373 — February 16, 2018
Some developers shy away from build tools for quick projects and they’re not mandatory, as we see here. Here’s how to use Vue.js in a similar way to how you might use jQuery now.
Sarah Drasner

If you’re a Babel user, this is a must-read ‘state of the union’ type post from its creator. If you’re not? You’ll get to learn what it is, too.
Henry Zhu

How do you choose one JavaScript framework over another for your next web application? Learn about the current state of the Angular, React and Vue and how they compare against a comprehensive set of criteria. Download now.
Progress   Sponsor

An explanation and comparison of Hyperapp vs Redux for managing state, with a neat side-by-side code comparison showing how much simpler Hyperapp code can be.
Wolfgang Wedemeyer

Dr. Axel wrote up some notes on the rest/spread property proposal back in 2016 but it’s now reached stage 4 and will be in ECMAScript 2018, so it’s worth revisiting.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

A guide to using the popular asset bundling tool to make pages smaller to download and quicker to use.
Google Developers

Stencil is a tool for compiling modern, standards-compliant Web Components.
Dominik Kundel

An attractive and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript’s popup boxes with zero dependencies.


In Brief

CityJSConf 2018: A JS Conference in the City of London news
Takes place March 26 and features a debate between Kyle Simpson and Dylan Schiemann.

MongoDB 4.0 Will Support Multi-Document, ACID Transactions news
Sign up for the beta for access to development releases of MongoDB 4.0.
MONGODB  Sponsor

Ember 3.0 Released news
No new functionality, but removes deprecated APIs and legacy support.
Matthew Beale

Building a Text-Based Adventure with Vue.js tutorial
An unconventional but interesting odyssey for Vue.js.
Raymond Camden

Using Prettier to Format Your JavaScript Code tutorial
Saransh Kataria

Using Source Maps to Debug Production tutorial
Debug errors w/ source maps, and quickly make sense of minified JavaScript.
ROLLBAR  Sponsor

Testing React with Enzyme and Jest: A Video Series video
First five episodes are free.
Jack Franklin

Promises Are Not Neutral Enough opinion
“Even though they fulfill their purpose, Promises are an opinionated primitive that introduce a lot of weirdness.”
André Staltz

Choosing a JavaScript Build Tool: To Config or Not Config opinion
Brian Douglas

There’s a Bug in Your JavaScript Code. Fix It tools
Sentry  Sponsor

Thanks: Give Thanks to Open Source Maintainers You Depend On tools node
Run npx thanks in your project and see who is seeking donations.
Feross Aboukhadijeh

face-verify.js: Monitoring Who's Physically Looking at a Site tools
A possible way to add more security to a webapp with facial recognition?
Mat Ryer

Blotter.js: An API to Draw Unconventional Text Effects on the Web code
Bradley Griffith

Vuetify 1.0: A Material Design Component Framework for Vue code
John Leider

Phaser 3.0: The 2D HTML5 Game Framework code
A fast 2D game framework supporting Canvas and WebGL rendering.
Richard Davey

Objection.js 1.0: An SQL-Friendly ORM for Node code node

Assembler.js: An x86-64 Assembler Built in JavaScript code
Va Da