JavaScript Weekly
Issue 372 — February 9, 2018
Marijn Haverbeke has been working on a new edition of his perennially popular JavaScript book after you helped fund it.
Marijn Haverbeke

With the increasing amount of boilerplate in modern JavaScript projects, this tool could come in very handy. It’s easy to get started.
Dotan J. Nahum

A thorough, opinionated guide to catching up with the key terms, tools, and approaches to testing with JavaScript in 2018.
Vitali Zaidman

Instantly know whats broken and why. Get real-time monitoring, alerting, analytics for JavaScript errors, and worry less about breaking things. Learn more.
ROLLBAR   Sponsor

This is a really cool way to initially play with WASM and see how the various parts work together.

A library of data structures for building collaborative apps where data can be modified concurrently by multiple users and merged automatically.
Ink and Switch

It might not be super useful, but this is a fantastic demo of several browser technologies and just how far a labor of love can be taken. Source here.
Jordan Eldredge

You can’t describe CanJS quickly, but it brings together custom elements, observables, routing, and more on the front-end. 4.0 is a big release.
Justin Meyer

Got a JavaScript post you want to share with an audience of over 72,000 readers on our Medium publication? Here’s how.
Daily JS


In Brief

FitBit's Latest Watch Ships With a Lightweight JavaScript Engine news
JerryScript is a lightweight JS engine from the JS Foundation.
Kaitlyn Barnard

The Rollup Module Bundler Now Has Code Splitting news
Rich Harris

Improve your JavaScript App Performance with MongoDB Index Suggestions 
mongodb  Sponsor

Hyperapp + Parcel = A Neat Way to Create Frontend Apps tutorial
Beat that JavaScript fatigue with a tiny Elm-inspired frontend library plus a new, no-config asset bundler?
Adam Boro

A Look at the ES Proposal for String.prototype.matchAll tutorial
It scans a string for all matches and returns an array.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Private Variables in JavaScript tutorial
A look at some ways in which you could implement private properties.
Marcus Noble

Compile-Time vs. Runtime Configuration of Your Angular App tutorial
Juri Strumpflohner

How to Use Glow to Make Your Errors Stand Out in Flow tutorial
Indrek Lasn

Measure and Improve Engineering Velocity 
If your business depends on software (it does) you're probably spending a lot of time thinking about DevOps.
CircleCI  Sponsor

An Introduction to Destructuring in ES6 video
Zsolt Nagy

JavaScript’s A Mess – and That’s A Good Thing opinion
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

An Interview with Evan You, Author of the Vue.js Framework story
Liesbeth Hermans

Node Clinic: A Performance Toolkit for Node Developers tools node

Rekit Studio: An IDE for React and Redux Development tools
Nate Wang

Use SQL in MongoDB? But of course you can. We'll show you how tools
And there's so much more to discover. Like our innovative Query Code that lets you instantly generate code in Node.js, Python, or C#.
Studio 3T  Sponsor

Proton: A JavaScript Particle Engine code
There are lots of demos to enjoy.
A Jie

page.js: A Tiny, Express-Inspired Client-Side Router code
Continues to get frequent updates years on.

matcher: Simple Wildcard Matching Against Text code
For example, *oo would match against foo, moo, or bamboo.
Sindre Sorhus