#390 — June 15, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript Engine Fundamentals — A fantastic writeup (with video, if preferred) looking at the key parts of major JavaScript VMs/engines and how they interact with the code you write.

Mathias Bynens

Polly.js: Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions — A library from Netflix for recording, replaying and stubbing HTTP interactions via native browser APIs. GitHub repo.


💻 New Course: A Practical Guide to Algorithms with JavaScript — Bored by the academic approach of most data structures and algorithms courses? This is for you. Solve algorithms and analyze space and time complexity in both an interview setting and in your day-to-day development.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Office 365 Is Being Rewritten in JavaScript — Joining Skype, Microsoft Teams, and VS Code. React Native Windows is the approach used, making it possible to build seamless Windows 10 and Xbox One apps with React.

Sean Thomas Larkin on Twitter

Vue Native: Build Native Mobile Apps with Vue.js — React has React Native, and now if you’re a Vue.js developer, you could give this a try. Unlike React Native this isn’t an official project from the same team and is essentially a Vue wrapper around React Native itself. Introductory article.


How V8's Concurrent Marking Frees Up The Main Thread — ‘Marking’ is a key step in V8 6.4’s garbage collection process and now this process takes place on separate worker threads meaning more time for your code on Chrome 64+ and Node 10+.

Mathias Bynens

Introducing 'The GraphQL Guide' — John Resig, the creator of jQuery, has co-written a book aiming to show you why GraphQL APIs are “the true successor to REST APIs”.

John Resig and Loren Sands-Ramshaw

Vue.js Passes React in Terms of GitHub Star Count — A vanity metric for sure, but an interesting one nonetheless. React still has significantly more downloads each day but Vue’s community is particularly vibrant and eager.

Dan Abramov on Twitter

The Biggest Lead Developer Conference Yet Is Coming to London in 2 Weeks

The Lead Developer London sponsor

💻 Jobs

React/Full-Stack Engineer (Remote) — Join our small, distributed team as we build the world’s largest open library of freely usable visuals. Open to all, regardless of experience and background.


Have You Tried Vettery? — Vettery matches top tech talent with fast-growing companies. Take a few minutes to join our platform.


📘 Tutorials

Understanding the Almighty Reducer — A beginner-friendly walkthrough of using JavaScript’s reduce method.

Sarah Drasner

What's New in ES2018 — Including async iteration, Promise.finally(), and rest/spread properties.

Craig Buckler

▶  Look, No Hands! — Brain Controlled JavaScript — Fun with thought processed interactions using a brain sensor with JavaScript.

Charlie Gerard

▶  Learn to Build a Slack Integration — A demo of Slack’s new developer features, with an introduction to Actions, showing what it enables for developers, and some possible use cases.

Slack sponsor

Submitting HTML Forms using Vue, React, or Hyperapp

Ogundipe Samuel

An Introduction to Sails.js — A Rails-esque MVC framework for Node webapps.

Ahmed Bouchefra

▶  How to Set Up A Windows Dev Environment That Feels Like $HOME — This isn’t JS specific but we’re always hearing of developers trying out Windows lately so this could be helpful.

Sarah Cooley and Tara Raj

▶  How to Code Your Own Discord Bot with Discord.js

Dapper Dino

🔧 Code and Tools

Parcel 1.9 Released with Tree Shaking and 2x Faster Watcher — If you want a fast, easy, zero-config bundler.

Devon Govett

A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or Console.log — Wallaby catches errors in your tests and displays the results of expressions right in your editor as you type.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Licensed: A CLI for Adding a LICENSE File to Your Projects

Mihir Chaturvedi

collect.js: 91 Convenience Methods for Arrays and Objects — A similar API to Laravel Collections: chunk, flatten, shuffle, firstWhere, etc.

Daniel Eckermann

Pickr: A Flat, Simple, Dependency-Free Color PickerLive demo. It’s nice.

Simon Wep

Math.js: An Extensive Math Library for JavaScript and Node — There’s a CoffeeScript-oriented intro too, if that’s your bag.

Jos de Jong

jeelizWeboji: Realtime JS Face Tracking and Facial Expression Detection

Bourry Xavier

HyperMD: A WYSIWYG Markdown Editor for Browsers — Written in TypeScript. Demo here.

Lv Yang

Vuesax: A Frontend Vue.js Components Framework