#392 — June 29, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

▶  Write Perfect Code with Standard and ESLint — An intro to getting started with linting (and why - hint: to catch errors in your code) as well as how to improve your setup if you’re already doing it.

Feross Aboukhadijeh

ECMAScript 2018 Language Spec Published — The official spec for ES2018 (essentially the 9th edition of the JS spec) has been published in HTML and PDF if you’re lacking for bedtime reading (it’s a significant document but, yes, it’s a long, dry spec).


Plan Visually with a Single Glance and Make Sure Your Projects Get Done — monday.com is a project management tool your team will enjoy using. It makes it fun and easy for everyone to collaborate, focus and get more done. It's a visual project management tool that’ll help you and your team collaborate and achieve more.

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On Consuming (and Publishing) ES2015+ Packages — Babel’s maintainer reflects on the idea of compiling dependencies (in addition to your own code), how Babel v7 will make it easier to do so, and the problems involved. (Update: We earlier referred to Henry as Babel's creator. The project was, however, created by Sebastian McKenzie. Thanks to Jamie Kyle for the correction.)

Henry Zhu (Babel)

Exploring ES2018 with Dr. Axel — If the ES2018 news above interested you but you want a more accessible way to understand the new features, Dr. Axel’s book here is great. Or if you’d prefer a short, snappy post with quick examples, try this for size.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

JavaScript Usage by Industry — Over 16,000 developers took npm Inc’s JavaScript Ecosystem Survey last year and in this post we see how industries differ in their use of JavaScript, its tools, techniques, and ecosystem generally.

Laurie Voss (npm, Inc)

Using face-api.js: Face Recognition in the Browser with TensorFlow.js — A library bringing face detection, recognition and landmark detection to the browser.

Vincent Mühler

An Official Way to Track ECMAScript Proposals — A frequently updated table of the proposals for future JavaScript features along with their progress. There’s also a useful guide to how the TC39 process works if you’re interested.


💻 Jobs

Remote Front End Developer (React) — Join us, work remotely from North America, and help build software that matters.


React Developer in London Looking for a Job? — Join our team in London to create the future of payments using the latest technology in Front End. Read more here.


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📘 Tutorials and Opinions

▶  Asynchrony: Under the Hood — Filmed at the recent JSConf EU, this talk deftly explores the conceptual underpinnings of asynchronous programming approaches, and the drawbacks and advantages of each.

Shelley Vohr

A Practical Intro to Worker Threads in Node 10.5 — Node can now work with multiple threads, in a sense.

Fernando Doglio

New Ways to Build on Slack — Use Slack? Now you can build an app that turns Slack messages into tasks, to-dos, follow-ups, and more with your team’s tools. See how.

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Headless User Interface Components — Headless user interface components separate the logic and behavior of a component from its visual representation.

Merrick Christensen

Does It Mutate? Which Array Methods Mutate Or Not

Remy Sharp

A Guide to Node.js for Frontend Developers — If you’re a frontend developer who ends up getting into Node.js, we have a Node newsletter too :-)

Seva Zaikov

Doing Vue After Three Years with React“I want to share my experience of dealing with Vue after being a devoted React developer for a few years.”

Anya Pavlova

▶  Architectures for Huge Angular-Based Enterprise Apps

Manfred Steyer

Your Free Pass to Better JavaScript Skills — You can learn a lot in 10 days—start a free trial and get unlimited access to expert-led dev courses and more.

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▶  Deep Learning in JavaScript — Top comment: “the clearest and most colloquial introductory explanation of ML ever, with super fun”

Ashi Krishnan

🔧 Code and Tools

lit-html: Syntax Highlighting in VS Code for HTML Inside of JavaScript

Matt Bierner

Docz: A Modern Documentation Site Publishing System — Zero-config, powered by Webpack 4 and a Markdown + JSX templating format.

Pedro Nauck

MongoDB 4.0 Is Now Generally Available. Try It Now on MongoDB Atlas

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Gio.js: Three.js 3D Globe Data Visualization Library — There’s also a quick start tutorial.

Numerous Contributors

Vuetify: A Material Design Component Framework for Vue

John Leider

Superfine: A Minimal View Layer for Creating Declarative Web Interfaces

Jorge Bucaran