#400 — August 24, 2018

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, this 400th issue of JavaScript Weekly comes to you from a tent in the middle of a freezing cold field in Yorkshire! Apologies if it's a few hours late, but we were also waiting for Babel 7.0 to drop (update: it's not, it's now next week).

A huge thanks to you for being a subscriber, and an extra special thanks if you're one of the few hundred subscribers who has stayed with us since issue 1 almost 8 years ago :-)
— Peter Cooper, editor

Johnny-Five 1.0: A JS Robotics and IoT Platform — Now at some six years old, Johnny Five has reached its 1.0 release in an announcement at JSConf. The examples page is packed with source code examples of what it can be used to achieve.

Johnny Five Team

A Complete GraphQL Server Tutorial — An epic tutorial covering the full GraphQL server experience using Apollo Server and Express including authentication, roles/permissions, subscriptions, error handling, pagination..

Robin Wieruch

Whitepaper: Choosing Web App Libraries in an Open Source World — OS frameworks lack a single, comprehensive component library for developers to build standardized UIs. In many cases commercial component libraries used in conjunction with OS frameworks can offer the best of both worlds. Read on to learn more.

Sencha, Inc. sponsor

Liftoff: A Look at the New Baseline Compiler for WebAssembly in V8 — Very technical but exciting news if you’re planning to lean heavily on WebAssembly. V8 6.9 (and hence Chrome 69) and above will start WebAssembly code much faster.

Clemens Hammacher

Introducing Ghost 2.0: The JavaScript Blogging Platform — Want a fully JavaScript powered blog? 2.0 takes big steps forward with a new editor, multi-language support, custom routes, custom site structures, and more.

John O'Nolan

Behind The Scenes of Dr. Axel's Latest JavaScript Book — Last week, we interviewed Dr. Axel about his new book, JavaScript for Impatient Programmers. Here, he shows just what went into the process of creating it.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Stimulus 1.1 Released: A JS Framework for the HTML You Already Have — An interesting framework from Basecamp (formerly 37signals). Here's the full origin story including why it's useful. 1.1 includes new reference documentation and ordered actions.


💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer (NYC) — Learn from the best and lead by example. Do your finest work, with purpose, freedom, and a great community.


Senior Front End Engineer at External Data Systems, Netflix — Help build a world class user interface for the platform that collects data to drive business insights for our teams.


Find A JavaScript Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in dev roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials and Stories

Complex Numbers in JavaScript — I hope you like math! This is a neat walkthrough of calculating the dot product of two complex vectors with JS.

Mateo Gianolio

The Solo JavaScript Developer Challenging Google and Facebook — It’s a short, high level piece, but it’s nice to see Vue getting more mainstream attention which is basically what the article is about too :-)

Klint Finley (WIRED)

How to Do Functional Programming with JavaScript? — A handy cheat sheet used by JavaScript developers interested in writing functional style code. Check it out.

Progress Kendo UI sponsor

Level Up Your '.filter' Game — The filter array method creates a new array of elements that pass a test defined in a given function. This tutorial will help you feel confident with it.

Adam Giese

Taking Your First Steps with TensorFlow.js — Want to dig into a little machine learning with JavaScript? This introduces some basic concepts.

Aral Roca

New npm Registry Features to Help npm Users Protect Themselves

The npm Blog

Creating a Chrome Browser Extension: Screencast — Try 'The Frontier' free for 14-days. Short tutorials from the instructors and authors you trust.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

What Do The Three Dots '...' Mean in JavaScript?

Adrian Oprea

Build A Live Graph with D3.js and Pusher

Ayooluwa Isaiah (Pusher)

🔧 Code and Tools

Puppeteer Recorder: A Chrome Extension That Turns Browser Interactions into Puppeteer Scripts


Git Tutor: Generate Step-by-Step Markdown Tutorials from Git History — An interesting idea. Well suited for projects where the git commits act as logical steps of growth. See an example of the end result.

Andrei Volchenko

Real-Time Error Monitoring, Alerting, and Analytics for JavaScript 🚀

ROLLBAR sponsor

Immer: Create The Next Immutable State Tree by Mutating The Current Tree — If you want to work with immutable state, this is worth looking at.

Michel Weststrate

Pyodide: A Python Scientific Stack, Compiled to WebAssembly — The interesting outcome being seamless interactivity between Python and JS/browser. Demo here.


ajax: A Vanilla JS Module for Ajax Requests — Don’t want to use fetch but still want to make simple jQuery-style Ajax requests? This is an option.

Fernando Daciuk

Windows 2000 in the Browser via WebAssembly — Don’t click if you aren’t ready to use a fair bit of bandwidth, but this example of emulating Windows 2000 in the browser (at high performance, too) is certainly compelling.

Fabrice Bellard